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Iraq Reaction Plan

      Prior to the war in Iraq when I was writing for I remember saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day, and that maybe Saddam Hussain did have some Weapons of Mass Destruction, but that in the end, going to war without international support would turn out badly.

      So far as far as the United States is concerned, that prediction would seem to hold up as well as any made.

      Prior to the War in Iraq I attempted to have formed an effective United Nations Television Channel actually in fact, as part of a strategy to prevent the looming war.

     Currently I am working towards Directing an Art Show Event to benefit the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, and Hans Blix, along with the Department of Disarmament Affairs of the UN, at the UN.

      Since the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction was the issue justifying Congressional approval of the War in Iraq, and even if the war had been avoided, how the threat of assaults on working people with Weapons of Mass Destruction is resolved determines whether or not we will experience the use of weapons like the Nuclear Bomb, or the Chemical and Biological sort.

     This is why I am currently working to support the work of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission.

      I recognize that now that the war, or near apocalyptic riot is on, Weapons of Mass Destruction need to be hunted down and destroyed or disarmed.

      For that to be accomplished the International Community must agree the creation of an armed force willing and able to brook no resistance to the elimination of these weapons, by anybody.

      The failure of Statesmen and Spies to work together results in "War".

      Spies and Mobsters know that really war is a constant thing.   Their jobs are deadly and it is mostly anonymous.

       The rest of us need to accept that war is a constant, and then accept that regardless of our hopes, a realistic responsible reaction to that understanding is to require enforcement of the rules.

      So many more people around the world love soccer more than they love baseball, that I am forced to use the analogy of soccer, and the international acceptance of the rules there, as an argument for hope of agreements about rules of war.

     I agree with Hans Blix that there has not been a time since the time of Eisenhour that there was any hope of getting rid of Nuclear Weapons, and in fact I also accept that during the time of the Cold War, they did their jobs.

     During the Cold War, nuclear weapons actually helped keep the peace.

     Now they have lost their utility.

     Times have changed.

     Every Labor Union or other organization or even government that claims to represent the interests of working people needs to support general worldwide removal of Weapons of Mass Destruction from the "game" of war.

     Soldiers are working people, and in fact it is an honorable profession.   One may fight on the wrong side, which is fighting for the wrong ideals, and still have honor in the way one has fought.

     There are nations in the world who have armies that do not have Weapons of Mass Destruction who love their nation just as much as soldiers of nations that have Nuclear Weapons and the like.

      I’d pay their best to search out and destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction with Transcendian funds, if I had any.

      I’d endorse funding from my US taxes to the UN if it had an armed force that was forever fighting to keep Weapons of Mass Destruction out of my life.

      I think even Quakers would find something to do in the fight to rid mankind of the threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      So there I am on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction which requires an international reaction independent of the policies and changing administrations of the US, or any other nation or organization.

      Just as in the US we need a responsible and bi-partisan government, internationally we need a responsible entity, such as the UN might become.

      Now it may well be that the humanitarian UN is the only UN that needs to exist and it is NATO, and Interpol, that can only and do the work that needs to be done as far as the general issue of war.

      The lack of a standing army, and the lack of a constabulary force by the UN has produced the current apocalyptic riot situation.

      "Peace means Police." is what I say, and when armies meet and fight and an army is destroyed or surrenders, the job of armies is done.

       Soldiers are not policemen.

       (The only exception I know of is in Costa Rica, and this recommends their experienced professionals to those charged with dual duties.)

       We all think too much of personalities.   People who act on bad ideas may well be very likable.

       Unlikeable people may well be acting according to perfect ideals, so we are all charged with following by our own lights.

      I myself have had to work so much with difficult people with whom I have agreements that I am sometimes seduced by pleasant personalities who I know are wrong.

      I myself was pleasant and wrong about a detail of a job putting some wood on under a window on the roof, and now I have to fight to correct my mistake before it is executed.

      I once heard that Art can be Perfect, only because each work is finite and fits in a frame.

      By testing my ideas and beliefs as to whether or not they are good or bad beliefs or ideas anymore, I ask myself if the idea hurts or advances my "Class", and my "Class" is working class.

      This war between "Holy Rome" and Islam has been going on for a long time and I am certain that it harms the interests of my class regardless of whether the theologies are perfect or compatible.

      Far as I can tell I have more in common with working people, than I have with any other group, and that on this ground ideals and laws and fights are rightly set.

      I need your support if you are of my class, and believe that my ideas are framed to our shared interests transcendant of religion or nation.

                                                                         Russell Day





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