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      Dick Gephardt made a speech about the need for an International Minimum Wage, and it is not surprising that it got little coverage and I never knew of it till after I had come to the same conclusion.

      The failure of the entire government of the US of late rests on the failure of both the Democrats and the Repulicans to fully grasp realities of power in the hands of others in the world.

      For the working classes the corporations might as well be terrorists as far as the grind.

      Still, you can’t blame employers who have to compete internationally for doing what they have to do to survive.

      Linclon felt that a nation ought to be completely self sustaining and not need commerce with any other nation.   I agree with him that this is the strongest position from which to work, but there is a delight in successful trading with others unlike yourself.

      Far as I can tell those who are considered most sucessful in the US are getting rich from selling out their employees.   Any job that can be sold to China or India is being sold to China or India, or any other nation.

      It really is no small thing that China and Russia trample on intellectual property rights.

      The creative class are as much gamblers as gamblers, but they are destroyed by thieves.   My own fortunes have suffered because of intellectual property thieft in Russia.

      The need of an international minimum wage is simply one point in a number that need to be addressed by the US, through a UN that has teeth, and most frighteningly will need to be regarded by all, in the same way States of the US regard its Federal Government.

      I was born into submission to the United States, and others are born into submission to their homeland, the place they were born and were then automatically a citizen of.

       Maybe all workers would be right to have the right to dual citizenship.   I work with Mexicans all the time.   For me it is really about competing with the young.   My body is wearing out, and on top of it at the same time my nation is selling me out.

       Ever since Viet Nam the story of the United States for people like me, the working class, has been one of failed morality and wasted courage.

       It is immoral to do unethical things more than it is ethical to do all that is called moral.

       – This is why I am not for the Theocracies with which I am familar, and want the Democratic Party, to come up with a real plan as concerns foreign policy, since it really is getting awfully local as far as the effects on me and people like me.

       That policy can only be practical if it is based on working class realities shared by the people in all nations that are competing for the same jobs.

       The right to your religion or what someone else will regard as superstition is best enjoyed for its culture, if you get a fair paycheck to take home to your wife or wives or otherwise temporary or permanent partner.

      Money Ideology Compromise and Ego are the things that really motivate us.   This is the modern world so there is money involved.   As messed up as the world is, there is work enough for everyone cleaning it up, and it ought to pay fairly.

       We are smart enough to combine the Natural Resource Mining and the Service Economies internationally so as to make it clear to all who the mad dogs are.

       But even smart people need to hire people with guns and the stomach to use them, and us so called liberals need to face that fact, and then put in place laws that are bald and on the face of them clearly fair as far as the interests of making work, valued, and safe.

       This is why if I have a limited armed force in Iraq, or any other area of conflict I would have that force protect the infrastructure workers first.   When an International Peace Keeping force works without mandate, as may be the case called for in Darfur, they would be wise to kill those who would kill the plumbers and electricians in my opinion.

       And that is all I have time to say today.                

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