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     I told a guy one day, "If you can’t even imagine Utopia, then you ought not call yourself a human being."

      Still the people of Star Trek even had wars with aliens they ran into.

      Not even Rodenberry could make a show that would keep peoples interest with out conflicts.

      By the time of Greece there was at least an ideal exemplified by the Olympic Games.

      Good to hear of the conflicts over Cricket with Pakistan.   The role of the Umpire, or Referee, or whatever it is they call the officiating official who calls the Game Penalties or enforces it rules in the conflict is a corrillary to the role we expect from the UN, but do not get.

      The problem with the Irag War from the get go was that it was not supported by allies.   It was not a group effort.

      This is not a World War II world that the British and the Americans can rescue.

      Of course without Russia as an ally at the time, this would be a very different world.

      Now the Russian Oligarchs, and the American Oligarchs and the rest of the Oligarchs and Kelptocracies laugh at the nationalists that die for their profit living with all sorts of superstitious beliefs.

      At anyrate the recent little war in Lebanon makes clear again that the world needs a tougher referee that its got for its wars.

      If Islamist, and Christians and Buddist and Mormons, and Hindus and Confusians and Transcendians can accept easily and readily that there are rules to the game, and the Umpire has the last word on the sports fields, in the games they so much care for, why can’t we expect that there be a day when it is the same for our wars?

      Hell, they throw bad balls and bad bats and drug users and gamblers out of the games.

      Why not throw Atom Bombs and Chemical Weapons out of the game?

      I admit it would be about impossible to throw nations out of the game of war, but if us working classes can get together and throw weapons that destroy more jobs than they make, or allow for, it will be a good thing for even the guys at the top, for even their fortunes will not save them from what is sure to come if the rules of the game are not, both changed to be more fair, and then pro-actively enforced.

      The wonderful thing is that there have been periods and times and on battlefields that are more horrible than sport ought to be, when there was sportsmanlike behavior.

      I am impressed that the Japanese eliminated fire arms for 200 years.

      The only reason I have one is that so many people around me do.   I never got one till I was in my 40s since around that time I recognized that I could neither fist fight as well as I was able when I was younger, or run away as fast.

      The bad thing about Nuclear Weapons is that you can’t get out of your own way with them.

      Iran throwing a Nuclear Bomb at Israel is like a man throwing one at the guy across the street, especially if they get some thrown at them afterwards.

      Far as I can tell, the majority of people in the world, whatever their wierd beliefs simply want to go to work and get paid and come home and go to work, and come home and get a few days off to recover from The Grind.

      Being a soldier is a grind, but it’s still a job.   As a carpenter I do love my nail gun, and I would like a better nail gun.   In fact I would like to have the best nail gun ever made or possible to make.

      If I was a soldier I would want the very best gun.

      But I think even great soldiers, and honorable warriors in majority don’t want weapons that they wouldn’t want used on them fairly.

      Of course any soldier knows that he is likely to use any weapon he’s got if it will buy him another second on Earth in the heat of the fight.

      Certainly I would want my Transcendian Warriors to have the very best weapons for offense and defense.

      Would they love me, and fight for me if I took away Nuclear Weapons?

      The only thing that would really get North Korea, and Iran and Pakistan and Israel to give up Nuclear Weapons would be if the UN, got every other Nation like the US Russia and China and France and England to give them up.

      Fair is Fair, there is no other resolution.

      The Working Classes do need to find voice and lead the whole world in unity across national boundraries and at least get Weapons of Mass Destruction out of their hair.

       Chernoble and Three Mile Island sorts of events will be enough trouble.

       Not to mention Alien Steered Asteroids like the one the Wrathful God of Big Rocks is sending our way.

                                                                    Love, Russell

P.S   I have never been able to find the spell check for this program.   It will be edited for that after my wife gets home.






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