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No Pressure

      From where I sit at 53 without any degree from Harvard or Yale or MIT,  the future looks bleak.

      My first operation put me further in the hole, and it is kind of the surgeon to have saved my life on credit.

       The nation I was born into spends my taxes on roads and war.

       The roads are of some use, but the wars press me and my kind down.

        I’m about ready to say it is fine with me if the war comes home to where I live since it would be cheaper to fight from where I am.

       Why not go ahead and bring the troops home?

        I swear I believe Iraq will sell oil if US troops aren’t there.

        Apparently they do need a Police Force or Constabulary that keeps the peace for the workers who know better than to believe in anything too much.

        I ought to have pursued my job as a Security Guard after my time in Rochdale College in Toronto.

        I did alright as a man at the door.    I never lost a fight and when I was fighting I fought to keep crazies out.

       One time is a toss up I have to admit.

       The Bomb Threat time was odd…

       We went to the 11th floor where the bomb was supposed to be.   We sort of knew there was no real bomb there and we wandered around not even really asking if anyone there had seen someone with a bomb.

      The world would be a better place without bombs.

       What we need is a pro-active bomb disposal unit.

       Really is it not clear that bombs are accidents that nuts figured out a way to put to use?



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