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Working Class Corner/Everybody has to be a Spy Now

by, Russell Scott Day

Everybody has to be a spy now, and it bothers me that it is so.   I preferred espionage as entertainment, or as part of my abstract study of political science and military history.

     Now everytime I turn on the computer or use my debit card or just about anything I am reminded that I haven’t been changing my passwords enough, and it drifts through my mind I need to fix whatever makes my address unusable for us.

     According to the spies most information is available from newspapers and television and sources such as that.   Typically all Russian Journalists were KGB during the Soviet Era, and it is no surprise they have been getting killed.

      I always say "If your writing doesn’t get you in trouble, its probably not very good."

      Of course there is the chance you might just be stupid, but if that is the case you will likely do well on Radio.

      My most important local conflict is the same as my most important international conflict in theoretical terms.

      I actually have some local enemies apparently.   It is possible that I might write something that would turn them into "real" enemies. – as opposed to "luxury" enemies.

      So far these enemies have not caused me much loss of income, but enough to note it.

      I’ve tried to get along with them, since I don’t really care so much about them as to see any reason to not try to get along with them.

      Frankly as far as this local political problem one theory of mine coming from my study of political science is that at some time I might give my ambassador who is effectively a double agent some money to buy food for my enemies from a resturant.

       I would be foolish to accept any food from them directly myself, and would fear they might poison me.

       It is not for sure that I ought to do anything at all to cause any friendship between us since being friends with them could be a bad reflection on me.

       However should I decide to cause some end to the disruption of my freedom that they have caused, along with some loss of income, my experiment would involve food.

      So as a government might do, I might do, and give money to someone else to buy food for my enemy, in my name.

      Food, Drugs & Tools are soft power weapons.

                                                                 Best, Russell Day




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