Working Class Corner/Revisiting My Plans for Iraq

Working Class Corner/Revisiting Transcendian Platforms

                                 Concerning Iraq, and the world that revolves around it.

by Russell Scott Day

        One more time:   Peace means Police.

        I am stuck trying to explain this and get on the table the obvious need in Iraq for a change of uniforms.

        Everybody keeps saying there is no good resolution and goes on dreaming they can set deadlines, or go on doing more of the same.

        I’ve said in the past more than once, that the only good thing I can imagine coming out of the War in Iraq would be the formation of an International Constabulary, whose mission was to keep the peace.

        It is not too late to create the organization to deal with the problem in Iraq.

        In fact the best resolution to the War in Iraq for all concerned would be to recognize and form a Constabulary capable of keeping the peace in Iraq from now on, and capable of moving into similar situations in the future.

        Certainly the seeds of a Constabulary do exist in UN operations in Africa and Europe, though the institution now called for is not fully developed.

         The reason Iraq has gone all to hell, is that the Army did its job, and since then has been asked to do the job of Police, which they are not trained to do, nor uniformed to do.

         The reports I have are that the Police in Iraq are corrupt and unprofessional and have not been able even as the best of them upholding the professional mission of police, to keep the peace.

         I as a leader would ask of those professional police officers that across many borders work successfully day in and day out, what they would do to keep the peace in a place like Iraq.

         I’ll bet you they have some better ideas than Army Generals, excepting some of the Professional US Coast Guard.   (The United States Coast Guard was one of the few Federal Organizations that comported themselves well at the time of Katrina.)

        But really from what I know of Professional Police, and the organizations they belong to and work for,   I see Interpol as most likely able to take up the formation and leadership of an International Constabulary, that has the mission of keeping the peace when there is a vacum, or armies have concluded their conflict.

       The ones who suffer the most from wars are the working classes and those less well off than them.

       Most rightfully it ought to be the Labor Unions that call for protection for their class.   It may be a sign that the Labor Unions are more crushed than ever that they haven’t petitioned International bodies, like the UN for protection from armies that ought not be disrupting their work.

        I am such the anarchist that if my nation is abusing me I want the aid of my class.

        Now of course I recognize that there are more poor and working class than rich people, and that rich people want the same protections from their class, as I want from my class, but that the rich need fewer personal friends than my class needs to get along, and hopefully get some comfort and beauty, on a regular basis, in honor of our honest work making things or fixing things or cleaning up.

       I am again the anarchist when I say, "You cannot just make laws for everything.  The spirit of the law, is more important than the law."

      It is in the enlightened best interests of the rich to want peace in the streets, partly since they can afford to go most anywhere.

      The United States Armed Forces are not designed to keep the peace, especially in a Civil War situation, and they must be replaced by a different force, if the War in Iraq is not to spin out of control and end with the mushroom cloud scenario, it was claimed to be undertaken to prevent.

      I hope that I do not have to read this infront of a camera to get it across, but suppose I’ll have to whether I like it or not.

                                                                 Best, Russell


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