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Nail Guns

       Nail guns are better than hammers, medstore though they need improvements.

       I have used a good variety of nail guns and bought for myself a Paslode Gas Powered Frame gun.

       If you could make a nail gun the size of a hammer that could shoot a nail anywhere of any size that was the size of a regular old hammer, viagra and was quiet, you would improve working conditions for carpenters, and save their ears.

       I imagine a nail gun that was like a stick with a cylindrical revolver sort of nail load that would shoot any nail and was powered by either gas cyclinders or CO2 sorts of propellants without a firing pin to minimize the noise.

      Sabot barrel gun sticks, and cylinder magazines are recommended for nail gun sticks because winding the nails would allow more nails to be compacted into smaller space.

      Making nail guns more like pistols and rifles is possible and I am thinking about it.

      The adjustable Sabot Barrel is important to co-ordinate with the nail cylinders of different sized nails.

       I am thinking about it.

                                                  Scott Day


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