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Peace Means Police/Working Class Corner series Letter:

by Russell Scott Day/1/16/2006

I can say that I was ahead of the New York Times and some others in my writings about the pivotal role police are playing, have played, and will more play.

       Today the New York Times did give a report of the police in Iraq.

       I was sorry to not see a more full description of whom the police are concentrating on protecting.

       Still a rise in consciousness as to the role of the police is a good thing.

       In my previous letters I have said that at this time police in Iraq ought to be protecting infrastructure workers as a priority.  I believe that they must work from there from what I know about police work.

      When I did police work my first piority was to protect the building and I remember our confusion with a serious bomb threat for the 11th floor.

       What you need to remember is that Napolean was a military genius and always one circle is to look out and the other to look in.

       The insanity of the US is that it is always an internal home grown nut that gets to blowing people up or killing masses before foreigners.

       It is likely as far as I know of history and experience that there is in the United States some nut building an atomic bomb, as much as it is likely there is someone in Saudi Arabia trying to buy one to use on us.

      By us I mean the working classes who really wish there were war zones we could stay away from.

      In some earlier writing I suggest that the working classes hire through their Unions and insurance companies protectors regardless of their religious affiliation.

      I’m still with that idea I thought of and suggested.

      Just like I’m still with an International Minimum Wage.

      -which is more aptly to be called an International Living Wage.

      Really work has more honor than war.

      The police need to protect the workers and there is enough need to insure an international 100 percent employment for professional police and everyone else if the police were keeping the peace.

       This is the time of the need for a rise up of international professional police who ought to be engaged always with interpol to elimanate all nuclear weapons since such weapons are too much to handle on the street.

                                                               Love, Scott Day

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