The Perfect Strip Joint/Working Class Corner

The Perfect Strip Joint
       The perfect Strip Joint would have a fireplace in a place around here.   I don’t know if it would be as perfect working geographically south to where some of my favorite strip joints were.   I particularly liked a strip joint that used to exist underneath the flight path of Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.
      It did not have a fireplace, and a fireplace really would not work that well down there.
      So moving north from here in North Carolina, a strip joint with a real fireplace would be the franchise design, and moving south it would be a design without a fireplace.
     A neon sculptural replacement for the fireplace would work for the interior design of the strip joints that franschised into the southern part of the country.
      I think for myself I would like to build a strip joint that had a library and some really fine art and the bar that I envision made of all of the classic bar surfaces from marble to decopage and including copper and ribbed rubber.
      The family sorts of strip joints such as found in the fine city of Scranton Pennslyvania do typically have pool tables, and though I have lost much of my interest in playing pool, a strip joint with a pool table is a good thing for the northern areas.  It may well be good in the southern areas whereas a fireplace would be best replaced with a neon sculpture.
      The perfect strip joint is one where you would not object if your daughter was a dancer in.   The strip joints in Scranton Pennslvania seemed unique to me as if they were ones where fathers, brothers, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters and mothers hung out as a regular matter of course.
      I really liked Scranton and wonder how things are going there lately.   Maybe my wife and I ought to go there for a Honeymoon.
      I think every town would be wise to advance towards Las Vegas and Disneyland sorts of infrastructure and arcatecture.   (Arcatextureetecture)
fuck.   I’m having trouble remembering that spelling.
      Oh, I want to be good.
      John Dos Passos and James Jones wanted to be good too.
      Let us imagine the perfect strip joint on a space ship or in a submarine, or in the Green Zone of Iraq in Bagdad.
       Let us have peace.
       Let us have Bellydancers!
       Let us have Disco Bellydancers!
       Girls from Scranton!
       I want Civilized Behavior of the Naked and Lustful who have macaroni on enameled tables made by industry spawned by music.
       There will be a man in a three piece suit with a violin in my strip joint.   He will live and breath and be a bronze figure when off work.
       I have fantasized about shooting Ronald McDonald in the head with a thirty eight.
                                                                Love to Carrboro
                                                                Scott Day          

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