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Damn, Transcendia Needs a Staff.

Overall this would appear to have been a pretty bad week for civilization, since according to reports I’ve read, you can’t put a book in your lap and read on an airplane, or go to the bathroom anymore.

Looks like civilized travel is pretty much fucked.

I myself am right well out of money, and aint much coming in here.

The earthquake disaster is Haiti reports deaths of such numbers I really have trouble believing them possible.

My engineering friends on CR4 are all wild about converting shipping containers into homes, and, who knows, it might turn out between bulldozers, and boom trucks, and cutting torches that all of Haiti is a model city made from old shipping containers, instead of substandard cinderblocks.

Normally wood is good, and steel is real, old shipping containers are likely to be a good thing for using to rebuild Haiti.

Wooden buildings do have some flexibility, but in Haiti they chopped down and burned up their wood.

I do like the habita flex folding homes…

On other scores, like Weapons of Mass Destruction, that war is apparently, according to my sources not best to speak about.

As far as Transcendia is concerned, it is obvious that I am incapable of making it run right all by myself.

Of the products offered to help provide some money for this work of serious conceptual art, the black hat, not the truckers hat, is the best deal.

Thank God my wife was able to buy me some penicillin, since I had a hell of a toothache last week.

I sure do wish Disneyland had sent some aid to Haiti, since I’ve been making enemies of my friends for defending them.   Rip off of the Transcendia name by the companies and bands that show up on Google encouraged me to think Disney at least valued what they did or bought enough to defend it.

At any rate this year has not seemed to have started particularly well.

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