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I read some or the Carrboro Citizen about some new economic initiatives for the towns of Carrboro, nurse Chapel Hill and Orange County.  A film company I have tried to get to make one of my shows from the UNTV schedule was mentioned as a good direction.  Sure enough since filmmaking has been a lot of my professional work I'm for that.  For years and years I've proposed things Counties can do legitimately with tax money they get from taxes on hotel and motel rooms to increase film and television production.  People like to visit places where movies have been made to see for themselves.  Tourism is increased by movies shot some place.  Taxes on hotel rooms are supposed to go to the Tourism Board, or whatever it's called.  During my long time back in NC living in Wilmington, Greensboro, Eli Whitney, and Carrboro I have worked to get a Golf Frisbee Golf tournament intended to be an annual TV event.  I believe in building on your strengths, and people around the country and world appreciate Golf in NC.  IGX is a Music Export strong area.  For a regular show I'd be casting rock stars.

That was one of my things for the State, or whatever County I was living in.

Alamance and Guilford are all over Aviation, as really is quietly Wake County.  Wake and Raleigh get aviation business Orange could have within reason.  I really hated it when UNCH spent money on a hangar and for basing their planes at RDU.  The crushing of the Local Community Airport by County Landed Gentry, and the University, was and will be stupid.  My overall view of strong places in the world past present and future is that they are good ports.  I've noticed that port cities never really die.

Carolina North aint much happening.  IGX still exists but is one of the most unfriendly airports I've ever set foot on, and I've hung out a lot on airports.

I do get on well with the MedAir pilots.  The ex chief pilot moved to Chatham County.

Putting the Local Community Airport at the Landfill for 12,500 pound planes, and below was a great win win solution even if Carolina North was happening on schedule. John Bowman told me Cam Hill at the time said my ideas were great, but "We're not going to do them."  Some of the problem was, I imagine, that the FAA while encouraging airports, won't foot the bill for the sort of airport most appropriate to Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  They want reliever airports that aren't particularly what would do the area the most good, or be acceptable.

There a a high number of over educated Contractors and Carpenters in the area, and I'd recommend building a factory for modular building to give work for that labor pool.  Slums exist world wide due to building practices that are inefficient and wasteful.  There is a fine company in Quebec that makes modular buildings from either their plans, or your plans.

I could see the area as attractive to them.  NC in general is lacking confidence in its own people, which inhibits some of its charms.  It is not cheap to live here. 

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