Transcendia Needs Money

This site has never that I know of ever received a donation.

I myself do not have a credit or bank card anymore.

Anyway, hope someone will put up a dollar or two.

The webmaster says the donate button works.

I’d sort of like to make a trip to Washington DC actually.

I’d actually like to work on this problem in Haiti.

Transcendia is poor, Haiti is poor, we’ve got a lot in common.

Hey at least they get donations!

On CR4 there is a good bit I wrote on the Shipping Container Housing for Haiti think tank thread.  The post number there is 424, or 414.

That particular letter to Ms. Cheryl Sarcy, is one of the best letters I’ve written in awhile.  Ms. Sarcy is the VP Secretary of the Red Cross Haiti Disaster Group.

You know you don’t get to write your life.

I know I was highly influenced by my father and have often thought that the experience of combat sort of made making plans seem a waste of time.

Sometimes I think the whole of life is just weird, and drifting is better than all this focus and attempts at willful direction.

I simply drifted to thinking a lot about how to use shipping containers in Haiti.

It’s called on me to remember or use about everything I know.

Wrote for TV, Wrote for Newpapers, Made Photographs, Made Movies and TV shows, Acted, even did Stand-up.  I spent years on the airport fueling and moving planes around, and got to fly.

Did some detective work.

Scrapped a ship and got to run a little crane.

Years of renovation work.

Studied and studied history and politics due to this thing Transcendia.

The Flag has taken a life of its own.

Anyway, time is passing, storms will come.

I’m no more ready than anyone else, and less so than many.

Nobody needed my hero Grant when things were going well either.

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