What Would I Do With Money?

Money is a terrific achievement as far as works of conceptual art are concerned.

This is especially true of paper money.

Ben Franklin made money making money.

So I might try that.

Then I’d found an Insurance Company.

So I guess I’d take some money and literally make money with it.

This may be out of order.

There is the private money and the public money.

Any private money I might have, would be best spent on getting my teeth fixed.

Thank God my wife wrote a bad check so I got some penicillin, as otherwise the infection in a cracked tooth would have gotten out of hand, and I’d have died.

For Transcendian goals I’d get some offices at airports, at least, and get a staff that answered the phones in support of the Transcendian citizens with passports, who might get in trouble.

I’d hire a bunch of attorneys too.

Everytime I turn around these days I need an attorney.

Seems like everybody hates attorneys till they need one.

Lets see, what else?

Hire a staff, check.

Rent lease or buy some offices, check.

Make an Insurance company, check.

Buy or Lease an airport, check.

Is an army, a staff?  Yeah, Transcendia needs one.

Oh but I really want to buy or lease an airport.

A Port City lives forever.


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