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Week In Review, adiposity RSD

     There is the World that has events that I hear about, and then my own walk around world.  Mostly I stand around at the store anymore, as opposed to all the walking hiking, driving, flying and motorcycling I did.  Oh, yeah, there were years I only got around by bicycle.  Now adays I'm really grateful I have a car because I have this arthritis and hurt a lot doing physical things.  It is better if I do do things that hurt me up to a point.

    I like showing myself in town standing around either selling stuff, or making stuff.  I have enemies I want to know I'm still standing.   (insert link to Elton John song here).

    We got another bowling ball last week…  I really want Sid to put the bowling balls on special, or paint them or something.   I've wanted to roll them out in the street at enemies on bicycles.  I've been dragging the signaling cannon out for show in an attempt to sell it.  One job I had that I did love was fueling airplanes at Atlantic Aero in Greensboro, NC.  It was a good job for my work methods which basically amount to walking around in circles doing what I find infront of me.

   My early in life work as a paperboy on a truck of a bicycle going around town in a circle may have established my life long patterns of work.  Metaphorically these days I feel as though I am back at the beginning of the circle.  There is some completion of a circle in my head.  Time is running out for me personally.  57 and I smoke like a fiend and can't seem to stop.  The doctors won't give me valuium and for years I sit and write and smoke, and its bound to kill me according to the facts.

   Melissa of the Moaners started playing guitar when she gave up smoking and painting, which for her went together same as smoking and writing does for me.  Ayn Rand wrote about this in Atlas Shrugged.  Norman Mailer writes about smoking in Tough Guys Don't Dance.  I may be forced to start a band, and stop writing for reasons of health.

    A major actress let me photograph her, but she didn't like the photographs.  I only myself thought well really of one out of the 7 shots I was allowed to take.  She was gracious, and insightful photographically suggesting that the pictures be in black and white instead of color as a remedy.   -For the one I liked I had already done one sepia 5 by 7 print.   My daughter is a big fan of the actress so what happened was that when I sent her the uncut set, I sent the actress the set.

    Anyway that was part of my mental cloud of the past week.  I was of course caused to wonder if the actress would be interested in my screenplay,   The version on the site was done before the last rewrite.  These days I just want to sell all the work I've done before I undertake living with made up characters.  I've got the Transcendia nuts and bolts governmental White Paper, Book, to Wiki work on with my collaborators on my plate.  The roles of technocrats and bureaucrats and their relative status to each other are an issue I want to hammer out.  I want to achieve a smooth running streamlike governmental structure anarchistic according to Godwin Anarchy principles.

     Another big problem is the failure of consensus as a decision creating process in all cases when decisions must be made in short timeframes.  What I did when things were good and I had a few good crews was assign some, and ask for volunteers for the other tasks known to be addressed in the day.  One time I sent one of the crew to go get us some pot.  Some of life does have its moments of great shared beauty and easy awe.  The FLL sunset was beautiful sitting on the ramp on the tug when the work was done.

     I haven't had any really good pot in a good while.

     It really is Bullshit that pot continues to be found in a piss test reason for firing or denial of work.  And what's up with denying homosexuals the opportunity to serve their country?  It's not like their tax money is refused.

    The Iranians are funny, and I simply wish they were more understood as poets by people in the US.  Some cultures simply exult in passion all over the place, and can't understand the more robotic cultures that desire to be the machines they make.

    Since it is required that one have a war to become a real nation, the new war for Transcendia is to take over Disney, or be taken over by Disney for an adult audience, whichever works out best.  Don't think I'm not serious about my grandiose art project!  It is known I was right about the local IGX airport, even though I was defeated.  It is one of the reasons I like it that I can be seen working in my uniform no one yet admits is a great way to dress.

    The role of fashions in life is insidious.  The Transcendian Uniform is blue jeans, boots, a button down white shirt, and suspenders instead of a belt.   Sometimes my underwear rides down unside my pants and when the black boys come by showing their underwear I know how they feel.  It feels good, but I don't show everybody.  Imagine a guy dressed in lace.  I wonder what that feels like.?   I don't think I've ever seen a man dressed in lace.

    God, imagine the Lace Uniform!

    There is the fashion precedent of the Jackson 5 Kenwood High fan who wore in the cafeteria a pink net shirt while carrying around the actual record album cover during lunch.   Chicago on the South Side in Kenwood High as a Junior was something I wrote a novella about.  It is about what the revolution felt like, though I wanted it to be about escape.

     Failed morality and wasted courage is what my generations era has been controlled by, experienced.  War heaped up still does not have to be.

     I want a part of Disney.  Help me take over Disneyland!  Time is running out.

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