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     I got up last night all stiff from the arthritis and couldn't get a child proof bottle of pills open.  Then because I have a lot of trouble standing up I decided it was time I got a cane.  I tell youth that this notion that 40 is the new thirty, apoplectic or 50 the new 40, is bullshit.  Sure is turning out that way for me.  I definitely now need a cane, and a pair of channel locks in the kitchen.  It can be depressing.  I look good, but youth is definitely gone.

    For the broad beliefs I feel okay.  On the details side, I feel like a failure.  I am not my own good robot.  Either that or there was something wrong with my programing.  The kick in the head probably didn't help.  I now know that my headache era was caused by getting kicked in the head in a front yard football game.  Football has an insidious place in mental problems for youth in my experience.  Football was not good for me.

    Swimming was much better.  I could swim forever back then.  Back then they wrote waterproof on watches and I believed them.  These watches were not waterproof.  We grew up with an awful lot of lies.  Laws dictating penalties for lying in advertisements are a good thing.   There is apparently a quota of lies we must live with, and attempt to overcome, regardless of laws.  Some of the laws are lies, for a law ought to further good, not bad.

   The bad is the unnecessary suffering of our fellowmen.   You don't hear much about how the Drug laws that imprison people, and contribute to a constant state of insecurity arise from an essentially Victimless Crime.  The Obama "Change" mantra is bullshit at its core and foundation in that no real change across the board is possible until the Drug War is ended.  Afghanistan is not going to stop making hashish as an export product.  The times I've been given Morphine for my broken hip, and when my guts got shut off and I had to be cut up and fixed, without Morphine I can't imagine the pain, for it was bad enough with Morphine and if that's what they can make in Afghanistan, let it be.

     In an alternate world pot would have been legalized during the Carter Administration.  If Clinton had inhaled…

    If Edwards had helped NC transition from tobacco to pot, for those who will never want the urban life, and would prefer to stay on the farm…

    I myself am now committed to a homelife in IGX.   To rise from my defeat I need to create a pot legal office of Transcendia on the University controlled little airport.  This would be a real trick.



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