About Transcendia.org 8/28

Transcendia.org now works on all of its buttons even though at first it says "soon" for the video.   This is a big deal and would have been impossible if not for the work of Heath Hettig my webmaster who apparently actually took my deadline seriously for I wanted the site to have an "Opening" that coincided with the start of the new school year.

       Without the support and interest of High Schoolers and College students, discount Transcendia has no hope of actual success and I have been working to make it more entertaining and substantive which is reflected in recent additions to the Poetry section where I have posted some more of my poems, prostate along with chapters of Force of Nature as I write them.

      I just have dial up and apparently it takes a good while to download the movie Looking Back which will be shown tomorrow night at Cats Cradle in Carrboro NC at the Flicker Festival.

      JET BEACH, the screenplay is still to be found in the Writings Section, along with LEARJET the Writers Guidline for the Television Series.   Eventually I hope we will move fictional works into a separate section, but for the time being I will post fiction in the Poetry Section and write my columns, "letters" to the Writings Section.

       The Tattoo Transfer Service has not produced much interest and I have been surprised and disappointed and we have changed the price structure.

       I am also lowering the price of the Passport, though it cannot be issued without the filling out of the application.

       My address is 301 Pleasant Dr., Carrboro, NC transcendia.org 27510 and the telephone number is 919-960-8446.

       transcendia.org has made great strides this past era, and contributions, or purchases of clothing and bags or whatnot with the flag on them at the store would be appreciated.   Donations would be appreciated and are possible.

       Transcendia is my invention, it comes from my vision titled Transcend-O-Ray and it is aimed at filling a gap in the institutions of the world.   There does come a time when reform of some governments or institutions is wasted effort and one will do better, and it is wiser to create something new.





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