Alert of Actions

I've been making short videos and putting them on the new Founder of Transcendia facebook page.  I'm trying to get things ready for the Monday night meeting on the Face Book Page.

I'm trying to emphasize the differences between Viet Nam era protests and now.

Sometimes I remember wise things out of myself, health like how the only hope God as a concept offers is that we can know what we need to know when we need to know it.

There are authors who have written important books every Transcendian needs to read and understand.

Farewell was on sale for .99 cents via Amazon ebooks yesterday.  This book Farewell is an example of how if you want to know, bronchi you can.

Flight to Gold will come around to hurt since at some point even Gold becomes overvalued.

Real estate prices being propped up is a misguided direction to take since the building boom was allowed to go so far out of control, it ought not come back.

Building methods are not right for this day and age either.

Economic Warfare is the reality of today.  Best, Russell,  P.S. Please buy a Transcendian hat to start your uniform.

Please buy my book Homeless Dog.

Please write my name in on any ballot in front of you.   Thanks.

And oh yeah the meeting Monday Night on Facebook at 7 PM EST is an exciting thing for us to look forward to.  It comes from a Garth suggestion.  I am hopeful we can overcome the flaw of my political system with what we now have so long worked to put in place.

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