Back At the Circle Start

The work is called When TVs Were Made of Wood

This used to be a great work. I an sad I let it be shown too long at Southern Rail.

I really liked this piece. It still exists. I thing there were at least 7 works done on steel. I started painting and when I started I wanted to use real steel and wood and finally sometimes canvas. Mostly I use panel to work on with brushes., and pencils. I like using a brush.
There are lots of things to tell the young artist. Whatever you are doing, do it big and in color is one.

Hey, Horace Williams still exists as an airport. The long time manager Paul Burke retired. I am sort of glad about that. I wish I’d gotten his job. I can’t do much more than I do now. It will be awhile.
One time a few years ago I asked Paul who was in charge of the airport at the University and he told me Carol Eastwood, I think. I need to pin this down as to whom is in charge. Holden Thorp put people “In Charge”.
Holden Thorp said there would be no airport in 2008, and that was the reason the Airport Authority was thrown out.
That was in late 2007 or early 2008, and a plan for Carolina North was finalized and the economy tanked and the University stopped getting as much money from tuitions and fees and the input from the State Legislature was diminished.

Tar Hell Temps was almost immediately closed. This was short sighted since it is accepted that a regular job for the US or modern world worker is not one as it was of the Kodak, IBM, or Xerox past.
A Temp Labor Service or Union Hall is where the young graduate or young person looking for work needs now and forever to look for work.
I often wonder where so many of the Chapel Hill excess administrators and managers went?
During the big roiling time of economic collapse it was said in the papers that in some departments there were 9 employees between the top, and the person actually expected to do what the “top” called out needed to be done.
Somehow this was explained.
I don’t hate the people involved one way or another. Many of them were likely nice looking friendly people.
I guess they all had cars and drove over the Raleigh and found work. Others went on vacation with good unemployment checks. Some people over in Cary were getting 525 a week in unemployment
I’m a Democrat, liberal in my mind badge, but the working class experiences give me pause about some things.
There are in fact some strange regulations put in place, laws that really did make it sensible to push back against the Federal government.
I am really sincerely sorry about that.
I’m a big believer in Women’s Rights. Some where women’s culture is more realistic. Ohio. There was the PBS movie I worked on that was run buy women producers and a woman director, and other women directors around. In the movie memoir section I’ll tell the movie story, some of the movie stories.

Department heads must be hiring research assistants. I’ve been real sick. Now I can walk.
In the Meritocracy of today, with transportation costs, and safe living requirements you need to be close to your job, and those who face to face put you in the right position.
A Freelancers Hall Is a Good Idea. Putting it out at the airport is a good idea. I’m going to see if I can do that.

Normal looking bush and wall

Wall and Bush

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