Dangerous Sticks

Decorative Bar Poster of Audie

Audie Murphy movie poster collaged in The Station.

I have a Benchmade knife that is supposedly being picked up as a replacement for the venerable KBar Fighting knife my father or any WWII soldier would have been familiar with.
For a great long time, all a man had to survive with was a sharp rock. The obsidian glass hand axe, or flint of stone age peoples was what they had to make killing tools with. They could make bows and arrows. They could make spears.
They could just hit slash or stab other living creatures. A sling thrown rock that strikes a bear in the forehead will supposedly kill it.
Sometimes I hold my knife, and think dangerous thoughts.
I will this knife to my wife when I die. It is a better knife than most people will ever have. It fits my hand with a little forefinger handle disc cut out and my thumb has a a saw ridge set to prevent slip up. There is no cross tang. The K Bar design has the Bowie sword stop and a longer blade typically.
I wanted this knife from the first time I put it in my hands at the store. I was on and in my mind and I schemed till I got it.
Sometimes now I want to stab somebody with it. Sometimes I want to slash at them.
However I have a sword for slashing at people. When riding the horse at a gallop towards those who have shot their wad and are confused afraid of the big horse I want my horse to have its hoof up so the bayonet is mitigated by the iron shoe as I lean over and sword slash at the throat of the man, as an ideal.
Ah nah, not really. My sword is ceremonial. There is a bit too much stainless steel in its blade. It is too heavy. Or I am just too weak. All considerations conspire to make my pistol better. It is unfortunate I don’t have my carry permit. I don’t want to show the gun on my hip all the time. A small gun for an old man is good.
Just shooting people is all that is going to work for me really as I am simply not in good enough shape to be fist fighting, or knife fighting.
Be warned not to fight with old men. They are really likely to just shoot you.

When you get beaten up, take the counseling. If you don’t take the counseling you will enter the victimhood psychologically dangerous mental psychosis?
You will become mentally ill. This is the fact of the matter for the loser. Losers become angry and despondent and wreckage will be strewn about them.
Losers to bad weather, random bombings, suicides, war, and more, wreck their family lives and businesses.
If this happens to you, take a break, get counseling.
If you are a loser you will hate yourself likely. That is where the spiral starts, so you have to stop that with winning.
To win you can just go to the practice field and beat some other guys on the team repeatedly till your confidence is restored, or talk to someone who tells you how to think like a winner.
Think of things you do well and win at., at the very least.
You will be in trouble if you aren’t smart, or good looking, or strong. If you have none of those individual attributes, then you must definitely join up with a band of winners.

Night in urban.

Fog near nighttime Carrboro East Main from Weaver Carrmill Mall lot looking West .

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