Barometer Skin

Body Form for working

There is a Seamstress Shop at Carrmill Mall in Carrboro and this was in the window.

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Barometer Skin

Lionel Douglas told me that I was like a barometer.
I had no idea that there had been a stabbing by some angry high school student at a high school. It is out there somewhere. He stabbed lots of young people badly. Some may die. These kids have been really hurt.
A few times I have fit the profile of someone who did insane things. For years, a decade about, I fit the profile of a Shed Man. The Unabomber, Kozoninski is some mangling of the spelling of the guys name.
At the end of the piece I wrote yesterday I said that if you are a bit dull, not strong, and not that good looking, you needed to join up with a group. Joining a rock and roll band works for lots of guys. It works for some girls who get real fat, but can sing well.
But what my god! What exactly prevented me over the years from living out the horrific impulses? For awhile I ascribed it to religious beliefs. I don’t think that is enough. Lots of times my religious beliefs are not very sting, and all the time they are my own.
Like I say, Try it. Try reading the reading for the day, and throwing the I Ching. Don’t stab innocents at school? Even guilty people: don’t stab them either. You won’t get anything out of it.
When you undertake some of these attacks, the idea is to win. A win Win is the best, but losing is losing and so accept losing if there is “nothing for it”.
You, whoever you are, need to accept that no matter how flawed you are, there is something you are good at, and you need to learn how to do that, and do that better and properly.
Get this, the Forrest Gump movie was about a big stupid guy. He was at least a heroic, big stupid guy. Einstein says it doesn’t matter, nothing matters, once you have the right goals.

(You can find a recording of Einstein saying so on Founder of Transcendia in the box of things on the mid low bottom right of the homepage of that FB site I made when the option was offered.)

Okay, I did a form and am waiting for the narration and have been doing study of the Tardigarde. It is an animal going back to the Cambrian age started 542 million years ago and also the Tardigarde is called a Water Bear, or Moss Piglet. It is when grown .5 millimeters big.
To make it bigger so it will be able to hold a talking head like a human has, so it will be good for space travel and do well as company for humans and cockroach heads and robots on Mars we will have to isolate big Tardigardes from small Tardigardes over an over so they are bred bigger and bigger.
Then we will isolate desirable DNA and inject that into the nucleus of the sperm and egg when they are united. I think that is how I can make a bigger and bigger and smarter Tardigarde.
Never before have I wanted to do this sort of work.

Rock on Bench

Rock on Bench

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