Preventing Atomic War

The  Lady Pilot

I believe that tis is from a wedding at the Station in Carrboro where I used to drink.

The Caravan was a plane often used for sight seeing and for some reason got crashed a fair number of times.

There was the vision that helped me and confused me. I got only one. That was fine. Transcend-O-Ray. Secret. My own. 1972 then later out at GSO I thought of a nation, and then Craig Heafner helped and we called the nation Transcendia. There was Bureaucratica. I misspelled Bureauratica as a dot name I made up and bought one year. It was about people sending in reports of important Bureaucrat demands. What were the normal bribery rates for getting through checkpoints, or being discovered with a bottle of liquor in a dry state, or whore prices, or black market prices for money. When was a steak really dog meat. These sorts of questions would be answered by writers for I never pulled that all together. I own, and biz, and info, and haven’t done much with biz or info, as I never did anything with Bureaucratica. Sometimes I look at the CIA Factbook. I figure deep in there for the special working spies they must have some list of Bureacrtica things as I envisioned.
I am not capable of doing everything. My goal was to save the world from nuclear war, and see people from outer space.
Since we haven’t had a war, then I at least didn’t start one.
To have Transcendia be real it would of normal nationhood start a war. I studied up and decided a 3D movie war of a Elvis worshiper would be good enough for me. The hippies fight the mobsters and mexicans for control of the cocaine airfields and their tunnels to make Transcendia. Now I think it would be fantastic to take the 64 pages of the King of Dreams screenplay I wrote, and found recently, and then start up the war from 2D to 3D. Some fantastic war things are uniforms and swords. Swords will comeback. See there the guy with his sword and his google glass!
Stab that guy that rips your google glass off your face in the subway is what I say. Don’t be a victim. Protect your things and your brain. Your face needs what you want to wear. What so if your glasses help you remember things? There is the old story of the guy who smashes the robber with his Nikon, because a Nikon is also a lump of metal.
Fight back.
Really I meant it awhile back when I wrote that Japan no longer deserves independence because of the way they have handled the Fukushima disaster. There is a serious flaw in their group thinking process. We as people need to stand our ground in relation to their passive aggressive failure of our planet. Plastic in the oceans is bad enough.
Minimization of the dangers of Cesium 137 is meaningless when we account the fish and what 15 years of circulating poison for them means. It is worse than Chernobyl. Chernobyl makes the Russians look better than the Japanese because of the reactions. The radiation is ruining the Pacific Ocean ahead of destructo time.
All the destructions are ahead of schedule.
But anyway I did my part because I didn’t start a war.
That is how I have to figure it.
At 61 getting around to doing all these great things isn’t a new possibility in a way.

In the 1990s I stayed out in the shed and fixed up what is now The Revolutionary, Warnings for my Daughter, Psychiatrists Love Insanity, and I re-wrote, and re-wrote JET Beach and Learjet. I did the writer things I was supposed to do when living with mom.
Sometimes I went to church with mom. Once I got inspired and said my important spiritual poem, The Essence of Love:

I imagine spirits bereft of identity
thirsting for this granted life of curses and bafflement.

We suffer and are made souls.

The experience demanding we give to God,
Exactly what we ask for: Forgiveness, Forgiveness,
The essence of love.

One time I visited with the priest and asked for support for my book of poems Psychiatrist Love Insanity. Farther Partarick said the book wasn’t religious enough really.
I don’t know what I was thinking.
I think I thought I had covered a range of experience.
Charlotte his wife bloomed like Tolstoy’s woman who got better looking, instead of worse looking.
I saw her at Mom’s funeral. Judge Exum was looking better too. Jim Turner was dead.
I don’t know where Tim Patterson was. He had married us.
Mom had some sort of reputation.
i knew my grandmother and father, so know more than most about something seminal to do with my family.
Wild drinkers who have some fun and die with little fantastic expectation might sum up my Grandmother. Everybody gets two sided about these people. You had better be happy with yourself. I want to leave something for my friends a little better than Grandmother did the drunken retarded companion she had.
She couldn’t do but so much.

Yeh, now St. Francis of Assisi is the again big guy. I studied him once. Seems he was very Saintly as perfectly not doing much.
There you go.
I did that not starting the war.
I have the flag, and some money drawings, and The Passport.
If you have a passport feel special.

This to follow is the cartoon captions for the book I need to color and have done.

Squirlt (a crushed together cat and squirrel) It is just one drawing.

Round Wife of Politician (maybe I will cut this.)
One Dollar,
10 Dollar,
50 Dollar,
Atom Bomb drawings.
Self scribble, and a drawing of sexual congress.

The Story of My Life.
I was born after a fall.

The first thing I did as a person was kill a fly.

I pulled off its wings.

The second thing I did was shoot a lizard.

The third thing I did was piss on an electric fence.

Then I learned to shoot and drive a car.

After that: I went to work seriously.
I studied Hitler, Ghandi, Grant, Lincoln, Churchill, Jesus, and William James.

I was in love with a Dancer.
She liked to fuck.
It made her powerful.

All wars are over women.
Pure love isn’t thrilling.

“For the love you fool!”

Wise is stupid, stupid is wise.
Dance you fool. Dance you fool.

Dance by yourself, without either mirror or lover.
Dance and sing, With all your body.



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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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