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For Sale Block and piece of pie

This is for sale you know.

Well since I’ve been sick, I’ve done what I have been able to. We put up 2 shows of my art. Photos were shown at the coffee shop, and 4 were sold for pretty much cost or below, to make. Making art costs money.
Just call me to buy things. Prices are from 12 hundred to 40 dollars, though that is a wholesale price. 919-960-8446. Don’t call to harass me please. russellscottday@hotmail.com is the email to write if you want pictures of things I’ve done. They are made by a conceptual artist who makes things for your walls too.

The work shown, What, I want 250 for it. Make an offer.
I’ll be making a store somehow here. The Store about the Xmas Tree cling stickers is for sale. It is a prototype now.

I’ve done some intense reading. My wife says she thinks I ought to read some fiction. Mearsheimer’s The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, points at the need for a Government of Governments. Peace means war. Peace means the elimination of Mass Murder weapons. They will first be dropped on tanks. Tanks and tank buster aircraft strips and it will be apocalyptic riot with nuke nations like North Korea piling on. The roiling is going on now in the Ukraine. Tanks are targets.

Sanctions lead to war, as Japan reacted to sanctions and attacked Pearl Harbor. The UN sure is failing to do the right things about these things. Incredible stories of UN failures, I don’t know.

When the diplomats hang at La Trapeze watching sex all friendly it would be good if they did some Wednesday night business. Someday I’ll get to go and undress I guess. It is where the action is.

Ah, well it sure was at least back when I lived on Madison Ave. I once had an emotional thing going and thought the best thing to do was make my adversaries for the affections of my girl lose money. Where you live does affect how you think.

If the US really wants to be the Government of Governments, the time is now while they still have strong money. The Economic war won is hard to keep as a peaceful situation.

Mearsheimer says all you need to do is get some nukes and you will be a secure nation in an anarchistic world. Anarchy is educated, so the word doesn’t really mean Chaos like it ought to. Anarchy is insulted.
I sent a note to Noam Chomsky asking what he’d want Transcendia to do. No answer to that one.

The state of war in the Middle East is a mess, and Netanyahu wants to bomb Iran. People from Iran are poetic. They are good at comedy. This disconnect between peoples and their leadership is intolerable.
Truth on TV would mean the overthrow of the nations that lie on TV. Russians eat lots of TV lies apparently.

The Israelis ought be forced to give Palestinians Insurance Policies, and pay death benefits when they kill them. The US has never yet bombed anyone with flowers from their fucking jets or fucking drones. Grow the fuck down. Grow the fuck up. Thinking you are too strong to be hurt is simply stupid.

MacDonalds workers are on the front lines. They ought to just take the money out of the registers and pay themselves in cash at the end of the day, and remit the remainder to the Company. I’m for myself as living property too, and don’t steal from me, don’t steal me, whoever you are. I’ll die and you’ll die too. If you won’t do the right thing it is time to fight, and fight means fight.
The job I’ve got is the job I’ve got.

Tom Ross, what happened there in NC? Research is now done at the universities and then sold to corporations and companies. Tuition goes up. Could he have tried to get the companies to pay more for the research as a fair thing when students are put to wage slavery in a world where you are supposed to apply with a resume` for a fucking job at MacDonalds?

Don’t bother thinking that for a second you’ll work your way up the ladder.

Soldiers of the world

Toy Soldiers engaged in battle.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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