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There are the pennies we picked up and counted to buy beer and cigarettes with when we ran out of money.

I've made some posters to encourage people to vote, this is one.

I’ve made some posters to encourage people to vote, this is one.

Vote Darling - Version 2

It was decided in the legislature of NC that medical marijuana could not be made legal and available because it was not throughly understood.

Further it was rejected as possibly leading to the recreational use of it.
What right the people who successfully prohibit the use of recreational pot have to decide that it is such a terrible thing is a pathetic right seized by those comfortable with denying the rights of others.

Never has anyone in thousands of years ODd and died from the recreational or medical use of marijuana in any form from hash oil to smoking a joint.

Police I’ve known have told me the only time they arrest people for pot is if they can’t get them on something else, when they are out to get the individual.

The use of pot is a folkway for those of my generation and political inclinations.

I myself with a friend tried to smoke ten different types of hashish he had in his personal stash, and stopped at 7. I admit I felt good, and sat in one chair watching what people did around me. I have decreed in the Transcendian Passport that pilots ought not fly for three days after ingesting hashish. I have decreed that in the case of smoking a joint, it is to be 24 hours from joint to joystick for commercial pilots, and 12 hours from joint to joystick for the Private pilot.

If there were to be a crisis that closed the drug stores pot is known as the drug that would replace other drugs I take for pain management and the spasms I experience without another specific drug. This is known.

I have become limited due to disease that forced the installment of two hip replacements, a bridge in my neck to prevent my being paralyzed from the neck down, and two plastic cornea replacements. I have no cartilage left in my right shoulder. I am on morphine along with an array of drugs that forestall further damage from my disease. Sometimes I am unhappy.
There are drugs that could or are given to diminish my natural unhappiness due to my physical diminishments.
Marijuana has less unhappy side effects. This is known by doctors.

In the course of one pilot physical I was open with the doctor about my use of pot at the time, and his request that I not use it when flying was obeyed.

In the State of North Carolina, growing and selling tobacco is still legal.
Essentially the prohibition of medical and recreational pot dooms a segment of the population to be in the criminal class, and eliminates a source of income that has shown to advance prosperity for many in Colorado and Oregon.
Certainly people like me are determined to stay out of jail and will not take up work that subjects us to the prospect.

When I asked to have art shown and sold at the Local Community Airport I was told that would not be allowed by the University that manages it, “Because someone would make money.”
In the State of North Carolina there are people who decide all the time who get to make money and who doesn’t.
It pisses me off.
What amounts to recreation for these people is apparently limited to recreational hunting and basketball.

It used to be that those who went to the University of Chapel Hill, were expected to get out of town after graduation, and find work in the cities of Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh. Now it is best for them to simply leave the state, and go to LA or NY if they are in the arts, and any other East coast Northern state so as as either unprofessional labor or professional labor to have respectable income, which in either case will determine the comforts of their end of life periods.

It is a flat out lie that 30 is 20, or 50 is 40. In the construction industry by the time you are 50 you are well worn. 35 to 55 are ones best working years regardless of what anyone lies to you otherwise. Aviation used to be a decent job, but in Aviation prospects and pay haven’t improved in 30 years. I abandoned that field, though I loved it, and work to improve it.

Motion pictures in NC have no maturity of industry. To change that will take a change of the way the money available is spent. I have proposed an event that for 17 years at least I have pushed for. It is a Disc Golf Invitational Televised tournament meant to bring to the State Above the Line personalities, and cause personal contacts to be made adding investments across the handshake range to the finance, in the state.

Legalization of pot would work as well as when liquor by the drink was made legal, as opposed to the bottle clubs that existed when I was young, and were known to inhibit Northern investments in NC.

The pseudo aristocrats that control who makes money and how in the State of NC anger me. 26 percent of the people of the state are forced into servile poverty when there is no excuse for it other than hatred empowered.

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