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I am accepting being King of Transcendia by right of the Vision.

Garth Hoyman is now in the second position of the Parliamentary Democracy part with I on the Goal saying the Goal is a Nation of Airports and Transcendian flagged airport offices from which to help people get around this planet and do the important work that must me done.
It has to be done in a safe and secure atmosphere for men and women of all faiths and as atheists.
We will use design and art to make a safe and secure airport. Architecture can make a great flow, or make a place sad and full of fear.
I have seen some great stuff in the IHS reports of serious study and out of Janes. I look at the work from IHS with a very grateful serious and critical eye.
I of course knew of Janes for decades.
I met engineering friends on CR4 competing mentally to answer important or fun questions when CR4 was Global Spec owned.
There was a real conflict about the goals of CR4 as I tried really to take over as Transcendia needed to fight for the right goals. Failing to be allowed to work on the idea of good governance and being stonewalled and setback in attempts to really help Haiti caused me to speak in no unclear language.
Okay. I was banned. All was clear. The place is weak now. They had problems they couldn’t deal properly with and didn’t want a good goal.
I do look at what Einstein said about Goals being a primary good to work with. Process is of importance. The scientific method is great. Ww WE had the goal of deciding what government was best. Parliamentary Democracy is it now as I see for now as robust with scientific and free peoples. Those who don’t want to be ethical, I don’t want in Transcendia. We may not get ports everywhere. I can’t modify the Human Rights Declaration as they did in the UN to satisfy despots. That won’t do for Mars as Elon Musk aims the Space X program.
However I can’t go with letting the world become a misery so people leave for Mars either. Multi planetary solar system life for humanity is called for. Still it can’t be right to let the World go to hell.
I encourage Catholics to encourage the Vatican to support Space X, but also work at ethical slowing of overpopulation. I speak clearly that the scholar Stephan Mumford reported what was done setting us so far back now that more suffering and crisis awaits us. The book is The Life and Death of National Security Study Memorandum 200. His book makes clear that theocratic interference has worked to doom us now to more bottleneck struggles for the survival of our species.
So then Theocracy will not be allowed in Transcendia.
There are some fantastic successes in process at the UN in its creations of organizations such as the World Health Organization, and the International Civil Aviation Organization.
My defeat at creating a more robust United Nations Television Channel indicates some “process”, similarities to aviation airlines assets that aren’t making Al Gore’s legacy look too good. I didn’t get support from the Clinton offices for my work to make information, news, truth, compete with lies and spin from Fox, and MSNBC, and the BBC. When first fighting it was to create UNTV to compete in the mental landscape between Fox and MSNBC and Al Jazerra. Then I failed and there was the war in Iraq that followed.
Imagine what might have been with better UNTV.

INSUROBUCKs now are also the goal for our currency. It is not as if I can’t have a treasury and hope to succeed. However our money will be different than the Petrodollars of today. Every citizens whole life insured life will be valued creating an equity pool to then issue bonds from.
This plan would aid wealth creation of other nations like China, but that is good by me. I have no problem and endorse wealth and power for others.
So if you have questions. Ask. I continuer to work as an artist and poet and my painting are getting better and still Truth is the Target.

The Revolutionary Square Cover for

The Revolutionary audiobook cover. Square

P.S. Look up and buy JET BEACH the screenplay. There are only two typos in the cover.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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