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The new airport Manager Wallace Kimble, Kimble Wallace maybe, said that putting my art up for sale at the airport FBO wouldn’t be allowed by the University because “Someone would make a profit.” Call him up and ask him if you want. Just look up the number by googling Horace Williams airport. It is IGX otherwise. Mail will come to your house in Chapel Hill if all you use as address, is IGX, like how MIA is known to the Post Office as Miami. What exactly does it take for people to understand that the airport in their town is important?
Some woman was in charge of the airport due to the orders of Holden Thorp when Paul Burke was the manager, I don’t want to say her name, told me they were going to use the Med Air office as a place to keep lawnmowers. I dream of having an office at the airport. It would be a good place for a photographer to have an office. I like to make fine art imagery, but being able to just get up and go, or get on a plane and go would be an advantage for a freelance photographer writer.
She seemed so incompetent I told her she was incompetent.
There is my big plan:
My great big plan is to have a Temporary Labor Service located at the airport. To go farther and faster than the competition is a tenet for generals at war. Weapons that go far and fast are superior to weapons that are slow and can’t get across the field.
Once I got serious about Transcendia I studied Military History and discovered these things. I discovered how to protect airports using siege strategies.
My Temporary Labor Service would be an invention factory as well, since Temporary Labor jobs are often temp jobs because the jobs are terrible.
I wrote up a questionnaire for people doing the Temp labor jobs that would identify tools and systems to invent and apply to these terrible jobs.
I wrote up a description about what the perfect invention was: Something that made money for its inventors and those that sold it, while making life better for those that used it.
I wrote something like that.
But why am I here where it is really No Airport County, not Orange County. I can afford to keep fighting here. I could make a living doing renovations here. My wife has a job here now.
This morning before I got out of bed, while I anticipated living, I thought about what a fight it is. I dreamed about myself as a multiarmed soft armed creature. I dreamed of a mean spider that stung my friend that was protecting me as I ran around in the jungle with the realization thinking of how hard it is to survive in the jungle.

This guy says that the University didn’t like the idea of me like, me, making any money. I am not supposed to make a profit.
I know other artists in fact. I ran an art gallery so I understand the salient points as I understand military planning. From afar I understand military planning so it is strategic., not tactical in the military areas.
What are the important points about showing art? Don’t show bad art and expect to show good art with it. Good artists don’t want to show with bad artists. You need to take 50 percent of what you sell the work of art for to stay in business selling art. It just works out that way.
As far as defense work I did that at Rochdale College in Toronto. I still study that place. There are some books about it, along with a few incomplete video testimonials about it. You tube is great for his sort of almost good filmmaking. Some things you want to keep secret. There are some freaks who aggrandize themselves, like a guy named Reg Hiatt. it is his thing.
Brian Grevison made light to the corruption that ran me out of the nation of Canada, and caused me to be careful about who I talked to about it.
The most dangerous people are dead now. They were smugglers and had gotten into positions of “Security”.
The fact is this: Corruption and War keep people poor.
Corruption comes in different forms and there are different attitudes to it depending on who benefits from the corruption.
Motive and opportunity are where you start. Around here in Carrboro, and Chapel Hill you can see Sports teams and buildings for the sports as openly the big deal.
Rochdale had a motorcycle gang of underground criminals who hardly rode motorcycles anymore and spent their time smuggling drugs and ripping people off outside of the building.
Rentco? Was the name of the van service out there at the airport really Rentco. Memoirs are only supposed to be focused on turning points and not so much on the real history.
I don’t have Rob Lowe’s memoir. I hear it is good. I read the memoir of Desi Arnez. Can you believe it!
Why would the University of North Carolina have a problem with artists of the area, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, making profit?
Who owns the public university and public university system of North Carolina? What is its mission?
North Carolina is about big enough for a place to fight. I am still alive here. Long the idea was to hide out in plain sight. Today I wonder if that is going to keep up.
I couldn’t get into my microsoft managed, offered, email accounts.

Drawing program produced image of the UNC-CH teaching hospital wherein there somewhere I met with Kevin Fitzgerald who said, “We can work with you.” regarding my eligibility for a seat on the Orange County Airport Authority, which was canceled by the hand of Holden Thorp.

IHS that owns Janes has stock at 134 dollars a share. They also own CR4 and got that as a part of their buy out of Global Spec. There are other people that study defense and war and they are businesses and governments.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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