Mom and her friends at era

painting I did the day after my mother died.

The point is to live with class. I’ve been around class. The Episcopalians at Holy Trinity were classy. Still I didn’t go out with them socially where class is part place. And it was the South too.

At some of the ballet Nike` did there was class doing classy things. The Conductor gave me his card. It had only his name on it. To myself I thought, “Wow, this is class.”

Manners. Then?

I was around. I looked at art. I read.

But then we got round it all and there was the party at the place on Irving Place with Garth Fagan and I shot up and gave away polaroids and he said I was certainly generous, which I was.

We used to dance a lot. For a long time I was a good dancer. Skip said it was the wild foot. Nike` was a good dancer and Garth asked her to join the Bottom of the Bucket, but she didn’t.

I ought make some cards that just have my name on them. I think about it sometimes.

It was a fair long time that I was ever in again going to see Ellen at the Monkey room on the mid upper East Side in that hotel like the Carlyle or something like that. She sang on a grand piano. She had a piano player she worked with. It was fantastic a place. I was treated well. I got by on the minimums. Ellen did great.

But the guy that came and played and made up songs was just mind blowing. And all that fine wall paper. It was a small room. I’d at least wear a jacket.

World at war. Fine places and food and measured and genus doing their thing for you? “You’ve been a great audience.”

I hope I was a worthy audience.

If you perform enough you mean it when you say, “You’ve been a great audience.”

I was just thinking about classy times in my life. I got to go up in a Lear 35 for a joyride once. It was an experience. Not like I really was in a fully classy situation. Don Godwin, the pilot, I don’t know, they took me with them sometimes. Some distance. They owned the place.

There had to be equality for it all to be fully with great class. Journalists get killed for what they report. They have a right to feel equal.

Big meeting going on of all the powerful people I hear. Money is a big deal. The US has been at war with Russia. It’s an economic war that has been going on for three years.

Everybody needs to change their currency to reflect a change in values. Environmentalist will fail if the Petrodollar keeps going along as the currency, which it can’t, and shouldn’t.

The engineers can give us all that is most possible to cut it back and give us energy from the sun and form the gulf stream and tides and holes in the ground and wastes and wind.

I came close to equal with Laura Mersini Houghton, at least near, as she gave me some hope of a technical solution to one of my major problems. It was sweet of her. Jeff writes poetry. He advises governments on economic development. He is a nationalist, not a corporatist himself in his business.

Everybody is supposed to be equal under the law. The reality has long been that the rich are more equal just for their defenders, advocates that are in the right class, orbits of parties, functions.

Is a Trump place really classy? Seems like there is the luxury in some of his places, but an edge of the crass at all the turns, decorations.

What entertainer would he invite to the Inaugural Ball, some state function? Cher? Anyone playing Las Vegas is likely as far as he would know to go, be comfortable with.

I been around classy people, and things.

In the video I said Swing dancing and witches scared me. I wasn’t kidding. Being a witch, I don’t think it is classy myself. What kind of dancing is the classiest for just people now, that all people ought know how to dance? Do they teach it in the schools?

That card. The Monkey Room.

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