Climbing Buildings

At spy school they are alway sneaking a few off to do the cat burglar thing of building climbing training. Why they call it cat burglar is beyond me except that cats wish they could climb better than they do. Cats wish they could climb like squirrels which there are even some squirrels that can fly a bit. Cats are ambitious and so are we.
I have climbed up buildings and gone in windows. I can’t really remember exactly how I did it though someone ought to have put better bars on the window however and then I was healthy and agile and you can get up to the end of the fire escape ladder if you try.
For myself the scene was changed on me and I did end up high up. Brick an sculpted lion heads had fallen away past my hands and hips and I had made it high up so high I was then like the cat stuck in a tree.
What is going on in Haiti?
Some went and landed there and gave a bit of help to the still living. It is a metaphor for the world and that ought to hurry us to making a rescue team of Outerspacers.
Make it to the moon and we could shoot water ice to the space elevator and run it down to the rescue ponds.
We will not be rescued by the space aliens.
Serious Transcendians will make money now from an economy based on insuring themselves forming the Transcendian Central Bank that will have an airline and airplanes and pilots that will take us to where what we know ought to be legal is.
We will have schools that operate like Flight Schools when they are and when they are just teaching any old discipline right on to War.
It gets down to peer to peer reviews and peer to peer learning all the time after all the talking and reading and being good.
Defense and Education cost, and we are different and new and old of course better is old and new all the time.
How is Haiti? Whats up in Ireland?

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