Corning is up

It was 16.80 when I looked at it and then since I made calls to Schawb and then got through and did it via Ameritrade the price of course went up.
It is all my fault. GE is going up too. That also is all my fault.
Graphene, Bucky Balls will make the greatest “ink” for 3 D printers and that is why GE ought to go up cause they bought it all up far as my studies showed. The Universities get teachers and students to do all this work and then sell it to big corporations, don’t they? They do.
I’ve not fully got my head wrapped around that.
When I was about 12 my Scout Master’s father, who was a stockbroker living in Elon College, NC gave me advice in a living room, his and that family’s living room. A perfectly light blue living room of 1965? Yeah about close enough.
Al Noah came from a rich family and his dad you know knew everything about money right.
So well then I paid attention and for lots of my life I was of course locked out of buying stocks and bonds.
What Mr. Noah said in fact was that you ought not buy any stocks unless you had 5,000.oo dollars, and could afford to lose it.
Personally I don’t think this was particularly great advice.
Sure enough you can’t win all the time with stock and bonds, but when my father died he left us all 2,5 hundred dollars that he made in about 5 years of investing in stocks and bonds as directed by his last boyfriend Pete.
I am sad over lots of things but impressed in consideration.
I don’t drink, can’t hardly stay awake and work at anything for more than 3 or 4 hours effectively anymore. Turning my head is dangerous cause of the possibility that my spinal cord will split from bad pressure. I take a pill everyday to keep me from uncontrollably twitching.
They, the Feds really won’t let me smoke pot or they will take from me all pain management which really would me lots of vomiting and twitching.
People with power have stocks and the fact is it is interesting, so in fact we decided we would buy a share of something as better than lottery ticket.
One we got.
I got us a share of Corning because they have Willow glass and gorilla glass. If they let it go to the Chinese and Russians and the Estonians and that bunch of industrial spies then I’m screwed for buying Corning.
All the greedy corporations are exposed in places they show people with every motive to steal how to do what is important to control for the company.
So Corning not being much different is cheap probably because it is obvious they have ossified attitudes and let it go.
Stupid stuff like shipping containers as done up made into storage and offices by mini mobile is 68 bucks a share. That is no invention much, though a little, since they made some triple cam lock mechanism for the containers.
Corning glass could be making engines out of glass if they wanted. Years ago they said so.
But enough: Ameritrade worked and I got us a share of something.
On our wall there is a scratch off gamblers ticket with a maximum pay off of 5 thousand dollars. It is in a frame. You can buy the work of conceptual art for 5 thousand dollars.

Okay. About the CSA monuments. I think I want to reward those who knock them over.

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