Make the Money from Whole Life at Birth

Hillary Clinton got over 400 thousand dollars for a speech somewhere. I’ve been watching how the politicians do things seriously for a long time. I’ve given some speeches.
I like to give them with the rocket launchings. All of that is a fun time for everybody.
Focused fireworks the rockets are. My friends would build them and we would launch them together in Thompkins Square Park. I miss my friends. I went broke and changed vices and got sick and here I am.
Maybe we will reconnect on facebook and they will want me to paste and copy and cut and other things I don’t do.
Awe nah, I don’t mean it like that all the time it don’t turn out like that all the time.

I’m re-reading Ben Franklin’s autobiography. He describes and names people. It isn’t fiction. “We were friends for life.” He says stuff like that a few couple of times.
He was pro print more money.
As a printer I can see how he would be.

Anyway to get to some meat in this speech which is not done so much to make me personally rich, but to inspire my comrades, followers, friends and family.
(Family?, yeah right.)
Okay all right you got your troubles I got mine.

Making money is an important thing for me and the rest of us to do. I figured out how to make it from insurance. Making it from insurance is humanistic and helpful all around. I’ve written in the past about my admiration for triple A and said I wanted us to be like them. They have done well and do well and so I’m not walking around trying to reinvent the wheel.
We can make a dollar based on the shared equity of the whole life policies we will all own as part of being Transcendians.

Later after the speech I will answer questions.
I’ll be asking for volunteers who work for insurance companies to make one for us too.
I’ll be saying: “Insurance agents in the house?”

So this is the meat of this speech. If I go on, which I can, I’m a professional, I’ve done 45 minutes without a script, you will get confused. Some of you will get confused.
But the point is that a Transcendian dollar based on the lives of its citizens will have an inherent worth easily understood and added up. it will be finite and infinite as the spirit of man.
It is further Humanistic.
A Bitcoin is not humanistic, nor is silver or gold. All that money is finite.

For now the work of Transcendians really is to make the money from insurance on and for Transcendians.
My sister told me it was too hard.
The rewards for working in insurance seem to be great for her as an underwriter but she works for another company and has worked for about 5 and wants to retire ad I’m a poet bad mouthed at turns by my mother.

“He better watch asking for money for his schemes.” My mother is quoted back around in the dysfunctional way.
It had been my rule not to ask her for any money for any of my schemes.
I’d been impressed with family businesses and tried to create money making schemes.

Here on this site there is a store for one of them. That is the Xtree project which is a poster for Xmas. Just a simple thing is all that is. I remembered thinking of it after registering my screen play with WGA up on the EAst Side of the City one day when soon Christmas was coming and we lived in a small apartment and my girl was all excited for things like a child like that.
She wanted decorations. I threw blinking lights under the table. It was cheery enough.
So when I was losing my strength and my job I worked at making the Xtree cling poster till it is made and you can buy it.
Advertising has been problem.

This isn’t insurance.
We all know real businesses and countries have insurance.
Did the Dutch invent capitalism as we know it? It isn’t all bad. They uphold their humanistic values but don’t practice with arms enough. They are always fighting back the ocean. Things aren’t looking too good on that score for lands people.
I used to fly around with Ben Overhaugh who got up the money to learn to fly pulling cars out of canals in Amsterdam.
WE need insurance.
There are lots of things to use it for.

For the network of Transcendian offices on all the international airports with passports for dangerous and wonderful places we will attract citizens with the best all around deal as a company country and work of art for everybody.

I hate the CSA.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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