Liz,Trixie,& Bob Live Shop Die

I admit I can get lonely and bored. The City was good since out your door was the destination. ’89,’90, ’91 I was living in Manhattan holding on by my fingertips since there was a producers lockout. The newspapers called it a strike and got away with that. The lesson wasn’t lost on me. People who live in the town read the Daily News and he Post because they will see pictures of people they know in those papers.
But I used to go out in the afternoons and would wander over to Live Shop Die and sit in a corner and drink and shoot the shit and drink beer. They had stuff from the 60s and 70s and really odd collectables. It is an area of antiques that is unique to an era.
There are photo strips from the photo booth I loved to be photographed in with Trixie and Liz. There is a strip of me wearing my motorcycle helmet from a visit back for The Guiding Light after I got run out of Wilmington for a pro Union labor article in Reel Carolina.
I’d joined the Union IATSE.
Some of that is a : “If you can’t beat them join ’em story.”
God one night it went all out and me and Liz stayed out all night. Liz was supposed to go home with Bob and Trixie because they were a threesome and I was supposed to go home to my apartment with Katharine, but we just stayed out drinking.
Like all that you don’t remember the dialogue and have to make it up. I know I was supposed to be home for my girl and she was supposed to be with her unit but we were uncaringly drunk, stoned and hopped up possibly it being the East Village for all gods sakes in 1990.
Why be there then if you couldn’t go all out?
I was old.
Fuck we were all old in the East Village of 1987 through 1995, making fools of ourselves even being there.
Reformed for awhile once some kids asked me how to get to he East Village while I was on 5th Ave lower down and I was just pointing saying go that way towards death with half assed drama and turning away.
There were bars on 14th past A and B that I knew nothing about that Liz took me into. I wish I had some idea what there was we were talking about.
At least I remember the way the bar was like some others you know. The Village Idiot on 2nd was something.
I’d been drug in there.
But there was then walking and really the night for doing this sort of living was just perfect. Balmy.
I took her home with me and we sat on the couch and she necked me some till I was hard and took a look at it. I’ve had that sort of thing happen about three times. There were the sisters from Caracas, then Kathy, and then Liz and not that sort of just look at it and take a little touch measure by hand. Done and all. A night to remember if you can. Wish I could remember more of it.
Katharine came out and give Liz some water in a glass.
That apartment on the corner of A and 11th second floor was a good apartment.
I could look out the window and see when Sixtus would roll up the store shield and go start drinking if I wanted and had the money. What if I was home waiting for a phone call? Yeah then the phone and then the phone machine were all you needed. One phone machine filled up with cockroaches.
Phones and phone machines were all we needed.
Anyway yeah I was getting twisted like tragic all and all considering what I was supposed to be and supposed to know how to be better but there were temptations and philosophies about what was right.
I told some girl she could call anytime. I hate that bitch now whenever I think of her.
Liz and I did have a good night though.
So unrepentant Liz was anyway, and Trixie complained one time in front of me about how she had to take care of Bob’s needs.

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