Digging to China

Digging to China

 I'm digging a hole here in North Carolina, herbal

 Seems I'm digging all the way to China.

 As much as I'm digging I might get there, sick

 before the War Starts.


 Diggin a Hole here in North Carolina, help

 I'm digging enough dirt to get to China.

 Making a big hole here.

 I ain't got much to fear…


Well I'm not stupid But I'm not famous.

 You won't be hearing me

 Before the coming Catastrophe.

I'm just Digging a Hole here In North Carolina.

 They'll be scared when I pop up in China.

 They made me a Yo Yo I'm taking with me.


 Up and down all around

 we never learn and we never forget.


 Slaves and servants, soldiers,

 05 as well be winter leaves.


 Every nation with a buck to bank at the top

 sends out their fearful, sells out to slavery

the ones they can.

 They've got buddies they do business with.

 Look up, look down,

 Pull the string on the Yo Yo

 and see what you are.




 I'm Digging a Hole here in North Carolina.

 Somewhere else they're digging a hole for me,

 not on the ground,

 but from offices that look down.

 They're still at the top of a falling tree.


 When I look up, I see it falling on me.

 I'm just Digging this hole.

 It's a real nice day.

 I'm just Digging this Hole In North Carolina.

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About Russell Scott Day

I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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