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I was over there on nakedcapitalism yesterday, and NC Politics, I looked at that, and I made my daily radio show, and I had shot some extra and then this morning I tried to do a little edit. When I try to work the Create program, I fail, I don’t really think it is all me. Like I’ll get the video and then I want to get some soundtrack, but then I want sound effects not music, but the choice doesn’t come to me at the right time. When I go to sound effects, well my video is somewhere else. I am old and I’ve been sick and I don’t have any filmmaking friends around to work with. It works better if I can make it all in another program like the Boinx I bought. I want AVID really.
Panavision screwed me because I got nothing at all for the Panascout, which I pitched to direct back in 2009 at least. There is a movie I made about it. I wanted the Panavision program for google glasses. They just came out with Panascout for I Phones.
You don’t get a contract and a check if there is no in person confrontation. We could call it a meeting. They aren’t going to talk to me on the phone you know. They aren’t going to even hire me to do the marketing.
NC is really out of it. They want to use the place to sell some bonds so the rich get money for building, building, building. Cheap labor is good for that. Skilled cheap labor is better. Taxes? No way.
I was down there. Dave Roderick told me about how it was that Morehead City was the place really. He said the people of Morehead City weren’t for any change. I went out to sea from there. Further out in a Cat boat water taxi with awesome diesel engines and a big pear shaped weight to hang off the food supply crane for a test. It hung there after we rigged it on. The Water Taxi was backed up to the side of the John C. Pope. We were out there. The water was blue. The ship just was sitting there like a building. It wasn’t moving. People were small. I wish I’d got a picture. I ought do a painting.
I watched the videos about the coast and the ports. It doesn’t make sense. They are still Confederates. Keep the Yankees out of our ports you know. We got the black people out there. We gave it to the black people. They won’t go union on us that way.
I think that is what is going on. I was going to go out there and try for work when not on a movie or a commercial. Guy says, “That’s all for the Blacks.”
I get the idea that one straight shot road, highway from Morehead City and there is your “Connect”.
There is a RR track of a mile that some company has control of, like they own it. It is like a gate and they bottle up the freight from there. This is about systems. The system is first with what you have because you might have all the things in place, but not be using them right. There is a human factor. You have to give the humans a system. You can’t build some things right all the time. You can’t hardly get people to think right. What is their goal?
If you keep all the labor poor they don’t have time to think. Go to the web you tell them. They don’t have a computer. I don’t have a smartphone. Go to Instagram. I’m not doing that. I’m ignorant then.
What jobs have the Democrats created? What jobs can they claim. Studies of poverty. War and corruption keep people poor. What more do you need to know. There is more than one kind of corruption.
People are poor because they can’t leverage enough to get a living wage. They get a little over the minimum wage. The employers go, “I could be just paying you minimum wage.”
Poor people are always sneaking around in old cars. They commit these crimes of poverty. They get fined for that. Police catch them. The police are doing a service. The police have to be paid.

Yesterday I wrote that for Greece, what I would do would be to identify the businesses that were paying taxes, had been paying taxes, and go to the insurance companies, or make an insurance company, and do what it would take to support those businesses. Those are the source of the taxes, and they are worth something for that.
They ought to be treated better by the government via insurance policies for them for paying taxes.
I recommended my money, my currency, the Insurodollar for Greece, but I don’t know if people can move forward in their minds like that. They’ll probably go back to their Drachma, I don’t live there. They didn’t ask for my help.

They want to gut back the goals of getting energy in some other way than from oil and gas. It costs too much they say. Who do they have to pay? They have to pay the Research Departments of the Schools. They can threaten them. They get other contracts that make more money for them. It’s probably oil money, weapons money. “We don’t know enough about it.” They don’t want to know about it. The world better not change. It looks okay the way things are.

They tell the poor people they are their betters. Poor people are sinful. The poor drink beer, smoke cigarettes, they are going to die. They don’t even need their dead bodies to teach with. They can get a robot. They put fake organs in there. It will even bleed. I’ve not seen them. They probably have them.

I think about death all the time. Not really too bad, but I know it must be coming. I hurt from my arthritis so it influences me to wonder how long I can take it. It wears me down. I don’t dare try and dance much. Dance like an old wooden puppet. Stand and duffle a little and sit down.

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