Energy Capture Political Action etc.

Fast Minimum Wheels

Getting there by motorcycle is dangerous, but you will be able to get there when others can’t.

Everything written for this was lost.
Here you get a picture.

Verla Insko Called Mike Williams as we fight Energy Capture Ignorance and the Proposed reduction of renewables Targets and support for those targets.

I have called and written GE, and Henry Petroski, and encourage Chancellor Woodson, and the other department heads of NCSU to make sure the Superior Court Judge with Fracking permissions on his desk is not ignorant of available gas from poultry and pigs, that obviates any need for gas from out the ground.

destroy the trees and the water to destroy your state.

Taxes in the State Treasury as well as the Federal Treasury are the place to get the money to build the very important vital, superhighway from Morehead City to I 95 and I 40. A Bond is a loan taxpayers will have to pay the investors, and the bonds and stock markets have become criminal enterprises looting all our futures. Read Econned by Yves Smith. or visit for economic and financial news and option.

Every County of NC needs its own airport. Guilford Technical Institute trains professional who deserve jobs in the state, and would do a good job for NC. -“God Bless the Child that’s got its own.” -Billy Holliday

This is a less elegant summation of 2 hours of work. Lost.
Somewhere in there I spoke of FAA and NASA systems developed to make the smaller Local Community Airports like Horace Williams, more powerful, and useful as feeders anywhere.

Solar and the Ocean power is the major way to get all the power NC Needs. Biofuel tubers from NCSU will run tractors and jets.
Hog waste gas, horse shit gas, chicken shit gas, will run heaters, and cooking ranges.

Mallencott, is that the right spelling? There is a company in Raleigh doing great making gas from wastes.
Sun shines everywhere.

Volts DC appliances, and warranties that cover gas made from wastes in cooking ranges need to be put into the markets. Volts DC appliances need to be made cost competitive in warehouses and stores.

Tesla needs to be courted back into the state.
Hondajet and GE aviation needs to be given good notice.

Energy, is the number one thing you want for the operation of a long lived and strong nation, and State. Then you need to be a fantastic port all over. Getting anywhere in the state in no less than 4 hours needs to be a reality for all, whatever it takes. Getting anywhere in the world also needs to be a reality for anywhere in the state. Realistically I admit it may take an individual 8 hours then to get anywhere in the world.
Out of Earth Atmosphere ships are key to this plan.

I figure that if you really wanted, you could have massive amounts of electrical energy coming from NC Ocean fronts within three years from today. I’d look to GE to make it happen. They and Hondajet are two powerful companies invested in NC.

To beat anybody in the world with cheaper prices for electricity first is going to mean superconductor generators, transmission lines and motors. No cent spent on first tier tech tools for energy will be wasted. Unleash the engineers, the scientists are depressed about the end of the world, or just think it is an interesting drama to witness.

The extinction of mankind is on the near horizon. We can save ourselves only through the tools of Energy Capture. Russell

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