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My friend noted I had had jobs that filled a standard piece of paper type written single space by the time I was 28.

Some of the jobs stand out more than others, this late in the game.  I liked working at Business Air Center in Fort Lauderdale, nearly the most of all of my jobs.

Next to that job, and pretty much equal, if not better, was running the lighting and grip truck in Manhattan.  Independent non union.   I got hired really because I could drive a big rig.  I’d driven 5,000 gallon tankers fueling.  Once I tore a drive well apart trying to get the heavy out on the perimeter road.

So around by 30 I was settling down.  After the stint, gig, writing for the Inspector Gadget Show in Canada, Toronto, I’d ended up back in Rochester and wrote my first book, King of Dreams.  It’s around here somewhere.  The Revolutionary had been written partly first.  It gets confusing.  I kept writing all along.

There had been a couple of years of community college marred by my inability to answer the question:  “What makes History, the Great Man, or is the Great Man made by the times?”

I lean towards the Great Man now.  It’s not clear cut.  Life on earth is a series of crises.  You would about think that because the masses are made ignorant, and often stay that way, only the great man can wrest victory out of them over their adversaries.

On purpose many of the ignorant are taught lies.

So let’s see, there was carpentry in there after I got broke down by love and the sexual revolution that as tried caused me to rely on my partner, who wasn’t and because I was somewhat dependent as often is necessary for the working classes.  So there goes the respect, if you actually get to needing the partner.

The ideology of freedom and free love and the sexual revolution is hard for the working class guy to deal with.  As an ignorant impulsive Boy Scout, and what all wherever it comes from, that love affair nearly killed me.  Join the union so you have brothers and can travel with your card and you will be better insulated from such things.

The working Englishmen crushed and used by class all had hobbies you know.  It was made clear you weren’t going anywhere.  Public is private and public is public.  Men are gay till married.  The French just fuck anyway they can.

Settled down to two careers in Aviation and Motion Pictures and was a capable grip and gaffer.  Good thing since I made good money sometimes.  Acting paid the most at around 2 thousand an hour.  Got the directing of a rig up to 193 an hour after the third time doing it.   By then we knew time was going to run out eventually and it needed to be made safer.  The client wanted to make it more dangerous, so I gave up on that.  Knoxville gets well Xmas decorated.

Good thing I made good money sometimes because I got hit with the inherited disease of psoratic arthritis.  By then it had been that I had been pushed back to carpentry.  Renovations was the good paying niche, and in the small town I was at least on the best crew for it.  Luddite, the boss was a hippie Luddite.  Nearly got me killed once.  I had even objected to the assignment when really most of the time I was pliant.  Hey you learn, the boss is the boss.

Didn’t want to talk about it.  May 19.

2008 I started getting too bad off to handle things.  Unemployment happened from the collapse.  Think about that.  Wall Street fucked a lot of people.  Revolutions happen for less.  It would have been good from my perspective if some good old extremists had just blown up the offices of Goldman Sachs.  After awhile what else you going to do?  Great man.  Stalin was a bank robber.  Russians and Chinese, well the Chinese have been making out since Free Trade Economist just gave the store to them.  It’s an ideology.  The Liberals want to look good, so they give away everything the US worker depends on to make a living. People have rights.

I don’t want at all to move to China for work.  Sometimes I’ve had to work in the factory.  They paid little and hired the retarded who jumped on the forklift, broke off the internal water main about 12, 8 inches in diameter and flooded the place.  Nobody could find the cut off in time.  The fucking cut off wrench, nobody expected it.

Two pretty good guys, maritime sailors with engineering skills invented that folding baby stroller.  We used to send truckloads to China.

They lost the factory.  Hiring the retarded is dangerous.  I’m sorry.

Between the stupid and ignorant and the ideologues the regular realistic honest working man, is screwed now.

Meantime for their grandchildren the water is rising.  Petrodollar.  Petrodollar was a gift from Nixon and Kissinger.  It’s wobbling.  Bitcoin is where to put your money?  Like I say, I studied it all.

Petrodollar Imperative is in the face of the US now with falling prices for oil.  3900 wells were drilled to give the US what Saudi Arabia can get out of 390.  What do you think that means when it’s all going to run out anyway and if it gets all burned up the oceans are going to rise a good deal, not to mention all the extinctions of what is now called the Antropocene age?

Solar is the top of the energy capture technology to go at since the sun shines everywhere and Tesla offers a power package with decent batteries.  There is plenty of work.  In NY they worked up a good system to keep the Grid owners happy.   I forget what it is right now.  I put it on Founder of Transcendia.

I was going to run for US Senate.  Warren is fighting.  She has a handle on it.  She could use some help.  Who you want to pay anyway, a working class scholar like me, or some rich guy.  Any enemy is identifiable as a signer of Norquist Nation paper, the pledge.

They say Sanders hasn’t got a chance in the US and if you look at it, well if he goes along and doesn’t get outright rid of some people, doesn’t get rid of J. Edgar Hoover policing, end the Drug War, kick Goldman Sachs completely out of the country, and shut down the way too independent CIA and NSA and hire IHS to do exactly as they are told, or hire ex-seals to do exactly as they are told, then it will be pointless.  Hillary would come in and be pointless unless she divorced Bill at the same time to keep his face out of the place.

Government of Government, we need one.  Transcendia solved the problem better since it is better possible and is pragmatic like would make William James proud, by being a culturally neutral government in all governments that would allow the lease.  Besides the addition of the currency I’ve come round full circle to endorse my own original policies far as Transcendia is concerned.

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.


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