Food Mart

Large Cockroaches arrived laughing

A Bluelight Story captured the Cockroach arrival

The people of Mars had to evacuate and they decided to go to Earth, since it was close like Mars to their minds. They tunneled up and launched from the equator and got to Earth when it was boiling and set up a traditional Hot Dog Stand where they hung out and sold fashionable foods.
Hot dogs have long been fast and easy and so very popular with Martianauts.
Desert edge settlements are great stand spots. It is good to put little chapels there. Lots of times the people going off on to the deserts get lost, run out of food and water, and die.
Their bones can be a good source of calcium and other explosive powder mixes. At least I heard that. lost of what I think I know needs clarification, but hanging out at a hotdaug stand is definitely inter universe a good way to waste time and listen to the radio.
Dance there if you can during the night and day.

Waterbear and Cockroach head and Humanoid were hanging out when Vomit Ball showed up wanting attention. Vomit Ball was not welcome because cleaning up after a greedy fat stupid cat wasn’t their idea of a good hang out way to spend the day.
Vomit Ball was banned for being itself.

Humanoid was disturbingly human with always a confusion about how to best use power. Humanoid didn’t understand power sharing fully and was constantly causing trouble.

Waterbear was perfect as a hangout creature because it was a hibernator. In fact this period of history is a big one and we all need to look at hot dog stands with fond feelings because there was no time when the Hot Dawg stand was not revered.

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