Engine Delivery

Self faceie

If I shaved: Here the now face.

The import thing for Transcendia to do is to prevent Nuclear Holocaust . I like that holocoast mis-spelling Holocast. Holacast. Holacoast. Hola. Apocalypse.
Prevent the Apocalyptic Riot!

I can sell my name, and that is better than making nothing from it as is the case when it gets stolen. I did say on Linked In that I wanted to sell to Disney. I want to be adult Disneyland. Disney and Elon Musk will merge and take over Texas one day.
However Mr. Musk might not want to bother with Texas because they, like New Jersey want Tesla to toe the line and sell so they get a bigger piece of Tesla.
It blatantly looks like that to me. Texas in Brownsville is geographically good for rocket launching.
I learned that Rocket Launching is something you want to do close to the equator.
Tesla, oh Tesla.
Now it and Space X have the great salesman as head guy like Chrysler over again with Iccoa and business school talk being true that the head guy is the buy.
Elon is a buy.

I am a disgruntled reject. I and my team are rejected outsiders from Space X.
I was told to try again, and try harder.
The thing is that I am old and in the wrong place entirely.
My way is to try for awhile, and then give up.

My friends are my enemies here.
I find I and others do not really want or will allow me to give up.
If I give up, who will they have to fight with?

There is a new library that looks like the inside of HAL the Space Odessy computer.
That means the library is just a warehouse, not a real library.
I worked in the MCC Student Library that had some really fantastic books I would never have thought to ask to see, but stubbled on while working the stacks.
One book about something had an all steel cover.
It is probably stolen.
All common things get stolen these days.
When I worked the radio station at WQFS it was disturbing how as soon as you discovered some great music, like “If 60s were 90s”, it was stolen.
-And there went my 40s…

My 40s went away into Rochester, NY, Fort Lauderdale, North Carolina, NYC, and then they were gone and I got married and settled down where I try still and then give up.
Getting incredibly sick in 2008 didn’t help.
The world started down the wrong rabbit hole in 2008 on its own, and I developed a fantastic inherited disease.
There have been operations.
I am better.
A love of life is still in there. Honor to the parents and ideology means one loves life. There is a twist that the loose screw of Pierre had going in the love of death that is a part of being the Mason.
Pierre, Pierre, is just the best. Pierre is the ultimate lucky man.
A good thing I could discover would be the trigger for my illness.
Was it the dust of the decayed insulation in the house we renovated? Was it the weeds that made my eyes water and caused me sneezes.
Was it the stupid face of the placid young black cow?

Going forward we have to get ahold of Venus and Mars and Earth and beyond. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ll respect Catholicism when they put real money into colonizing the Solar System.
That is a joke, since the birth control issue problem solving time to prevent mass murder and the love of it, mass death, went by in the 70s when Nixon was the US leader.
I can’t get over that.

I did get a Harvard education without going to the University.
My mom got me a job recording all the ecology lectures at the University of NC in Greensboro, so I got a Gore education without the means to do much with it.
UNTV was what Gore ought to have worked for, but he got Current he sold to Al Jazerra, which was odd for it was like the TV channel was the equivalent of an airline name that was made of gate rights.
The planes don’t matter as much as the gates.
Long ago I was told by Harold Colodny that it wasn’t at all the planes, but fueling the planes was where the continuous money was.
Ambition or corruption is what puts a gas station out of business.

The Driving Captain Story

Yemessee is a small town on the coast of South Carolina. By small I mean small. By the time I was in my early thirties I had some sense. I had sense to get to be in my early thirties and the story of my life is as good as any soldier’s. Churchill had an interesting life.
Covert combat was what I was in.
So there is the hutzpah and hubris, or over the top characterization of myself to say I had a Churchill education.
However I had take then job down there in Fort Lauderdale Florida at Business Air Center and was always around there. I didn’t have much of anywhere else to be really.
If I spent my paycheck I would go and hang out and make tips.
Try that at McDonalds..
Things came up.
I ought to have focused on flying more but did have a writing career in my mind and did get the offer to go to Toronto and do The Inspector Gadget Show which put my pilot training on the back burner.
I’d started that late anyway.
I became an isolated anarchist like a mentally more healthy Abbe Hoffman and his group being a stay away from too much cocaine.
Further I wasn’t as much high profile.
I am ashamed that I was born late in the Baby Boom.

There was a broken plane in Greensboro. There was a broken plane in Baltimore. This delivery job was really dangerous. They picked me to do it. I got to take a partner. I, being full of common sense picked a mechanic Ron.
I was going to be driving an old truck on a long distance with a heavy tall load.

We put a R-2800 Pratt and Whitney and a Convair right Starboard Tailplane on the back of an old Deuce flatbed truck with two 55 gallon drums of gas behind the cab. I got petty cash and a credit card. Maybe it was 500 cash.
You know I really wish I had had a movie made of this for it was a real adventure. I was right at weight and the thing stuck up by then to thirteen feet and 2 inches maybe. It was tall as an 18 wheeler at least, and all chain dogged down on a pallet with the tailplane complicating the rigging.
It even looked dangerous.
Some old fool at a white clapboard metal drink sign store sitting in a rocking chair said, “Yeah daddy had one of those he put on a tractor.”
People will say some stupid shit to make you look at them won’t they?

Back then they delivered national papers by airplane. Checks to banks were delivered by airplane to upstream banks. A lineman, ground service ramp rat could hitch rides in the night on these planes. These jobs were jobs for young pilots. The lack of carnage in the night is a testament the skill of these unknowns who either moved up, or out, or taught, or became insurance sales persons.
Everybody who ages out, or sees their industry change so much they haven’t anything anymore to do, is supposed to become an insurance agent.
i really did know that I was supposed to become an insurance agent.
I didn’t want to become an insurance agent.
Creating an insurance company, I want to do that for Transcendia.
My sister who is an underwriter doesn’t want to do that because she says it is too hard.
Starting an insurance company isn’t something one can do by yourself, even in the inherited big money class.
You need to be planned for dead to make a good insurance company founder, just like the founder of a nation needs to be, so it all fits for me.
It didn’t work that way before.

So the reason there were airplanes flying freight around at night was to deliver newspapers. Specifically the Wall Street Journal had to be delivered and Florida Aircraft Leasing had 11 Convairs that did that up and down the East Coast.
Parts wore out and there were things that happened.
I had had to get another job once I became miserable and needed to break up with a woman who I was living with and was seeing other people and doing a lot of downers and worked at the same company so I got the owner of the company to hire me away from that ramp with promises of a good job as a “Supervisor” and went to Florida with my bicycle.
Poor working people don’t get laid much in Fort Lauderdale.
We live in a car culture.
That is some of what it is all about.
I really ought to have had a glamorous life as a race car driver.
I really did drive well and fast too.
Driving heavies was something as well I could do though it was different and I didn’t like schedule and routine and slave wages.
i don’t know how people survive.
Really the poor have to all clump together in compounds.
Living by yourself is something for people who like to camp out.

But I am trying to recollect the route.
The place that needed the engine was in my home town Greensboro, NC, and the tailplane was in BWI. (Baltimore).
I think what we did was drop the engine off in Greensboro, and then go to Baltimore and then come back and put the engine on the Convair and then go back to Fort Lauderdale.

The thing I am reconstructing is the near death experience in Yemessee South Carolina where I made a point of stopping in for a cup of coffee at whenever I did that Fort Lauderdale and North Trip, that I did from now and then in my late twenties to early 40s and then no more.

Ron was a great guy as are many mechanics, unless they are perverts. There is a percentage of filthy perverts in any industry. Once you get out of the working classes people do tend to be cleaner and smell better, or don’t smell, unless they are Dutch.
I think the Dutch are less odorous now.
The Dutch used to not ever tip and be odorous back in the 70s and 80s of which is when this story is supposed to be.
Eventually I did put the engine back on the Convair, but it was part of the loop.
I got it set the second time pushing it onto the firewall stud bolts out there on the Greensboro ramp where Burlington had a big hangar and ramp for their CL-44 operations.
The main mechanic I did that with, he smelled bad.

Ron was heavy set and civilized and not a pervert like some smelly other pervert drunks were who were otherwise fine.

Same time as this stuff there is American Psycho going on.
There have been some newspaper delivery jobs wiped out.
You need to have investments and insurance and inherited businesses in real estate and you need to have a big group of people you hang out with and depend on.
You need to build and live in a compound situation.
People are supposed to be tribal.
The Buffalo disappeared.
The Indians didn’t have a diversified portfolio.

I have trouble getting along with lots of people, and even too many cats.
My friends are loners too, really.
Everybody disappears.

But life is an adventure and we want to see how it turns out and that is what news and newspaper fortunes are about and come from.
If you are a newspaper delivery person it is known that you, you, you are Presidential material.
Now that there is no real reason for newspaper delivery I don’t know how anybody gets the proper training in much of anything.
We have lost this great training ground for youth now that paper newspaper and paper airplane delivery of things is of greatly diminished requirement.
It is terrible.
How do people get trained as Presidential material?
My Hero US Grant delivered fireplace kindling.

So We stand there a second before we get in the truck and take off. Really it looks like a dangerous job.

I want to get far fast and I have incredible driving endurance back then. This is a dangerous load. The idea for the gas in the drums behind the cab is to obviate the need for any gas station stops.
It started to rain really hard. South of Yemessee it started to rain a downpour.
Of course Ron and I had things to talk about and I might be able to reconstruct conversation up to this point that we are in the truck, I as the driver and Ron as the Mechanic, but then there was an important conversation about: What is that smell?

“What do you think that smell is?”
“I don’t know.”
“It sure doesn’t smell right.”
“No it doesn’t.”

And it is raining really really heavily so a smell that gets from the front of this old flatbed surplus Air Force “Deuce” means something is powerfully bad going on.
“What’s nearby on the map.” I asked.
Ron found it with a map and a flashlight and it was Yemessee and we spent the night in a Colonial Inn and first thing in the morning we went to the mechanic whose recommendation we had got from the associated gas station.

This mechanic’s set up was as “Shadetree” mechanic as it gets. This is a real outdoor operation. There is a chain pull and block and tackle and all like that rigged off a grown out limb of an oak.
There are rusting cars as you would set it all up to get a real shade tree movie set shade tree mechanic’s world as they are supposed to be. All Shad Tree Mechanics are supposed to have this set up, and be like this. However you see this for yourself works.

I think the mechanic was a thin man in his thirties with a red rag. He listened intently as we told him what caused us to stop and spend the night in Yemasssee South Carolina for.
Somebody like this grows up with these tools and problems.

“In rain like that for us to still be smelling this meant something wasn’t right.”
“Yeah, that’s for sure, I’ll jack it up.” And he jacked it up in the front and pushed and pulled on the right front wheel and it moved wrong and he got the wheel off and we looked at it.
The spindle that is what the wheel fits on with a ball bearing race there was a bluish color and there were no ball bearings in the race collar that the wheel goes round and round on.

“Yeah, this would have been bad.”

The mechanic got the parts which were common apparently since we were back on the road by 1 PM if not sooner.
It was three hundred dollars I paid cash without asking or talking about it later telling the boss it wasn’t a credit card sort of place.

What would have happened was that with all the ball bearings gone and the wheel just going around on that spindle if I’d kept pushing on and ignoring that, The spindle would have heated up so much it would have broken

This is Horace Williams.

The little hangar and the Beechcraft Baron of Med Air used to fly doctors around in NC.

Then the front wheel would have flopped flat and the back of the truck would have fallen over on me most. The engine was chain dogged down. Still it was about 2 tons of 18 cylinders that developed 2 thousand horsepower if that helps you visualize two 9 cylinder rows for what first appeared on a Hellcat fighter I think.
The 55 gallon drums of gasoline would have had good cause likely to rupture or throw gasoline on my back, and our backs and we would have likely been crushed is the way I imagine it, and we all imagined it.
So I stop in Yemessee and think about it, life, whenever I go through.

Pat Conroy had a thing about Yemessee South Carolina himself. it is described in Prince of Tides as a place of eccentrics, crime, and visionary fools.
Some guy there said he had visions.
I had one vision.
It became Transcend-O-Ray. That is the secret name of the vision that became Transcendia though the copywriting help of George Heafner in Rochester NY one night when I was struggling over how Transcend-O-Ray was a good name for a vision, influenced by Ray O Vac, but wasn’t a good name for a nation.
So there.
I got a story out.

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