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By the way everything is copyrighted you see here. Meaning if you see it here it is mine, though you can make a donation, or arrange to buy it. I charge 200 an hour or 200 a page whichever comes first.
The Daytime Work telephone is 919-960-8446. I live in Carrboro, NC, and there was a robbery on my street and I have the doors locked see.

200 an hour about anything.

I’ve nearly died and went bad crazy from the sicknesses that came about because of overuse of antibiotics, being some by that robbed of some productive time. The interior time was raw and ugly and forgotten for the most part.
I recovered and noticed that I was now old as even my body was changed to weak with lots to new parts.

A friend of mine gets to still like like he is in his thirties, but not myself. I want to leave some things for some people and my wife for the most part and she has a penciled will.

I would have been a good policeman, but didn’t go near that because I long liked to smoke pot. We have been at war now with authorities for 50 years at least. More since we heard about the war in news and history when we were at school, or went to the library.
I’ve not understood people that didn’t know much history, and weren’t interested in it. I suppose there is some correct truth to the affects of teachers on students. Whatever it is that is innate in the creature is what I want to know, so sociology is on interesting science.

Few of us love math. The ones that gravitate to it often seem to want some way to prove they are better or smarter than others and are often miserable company. Ben Franklin talked about the club he put together and mentioned a mathematical type who drifted away.

Some people are lifetime this or, lifetime that so it is interesting and a sign of danger that there is a Rochdale Security Blog strictured, set to exclude the uninvited. That may mean there are some lifetime criminals from Rochdale doing something in there.

Those who were on Rochdale Security were publicly on record. They were mostly hired by Lionel who hired me.

The way I got hired was that Tuesdaily stole the main poem I had had copied and was selling on the street. I am not sure how it got back to Lionel that I had been robbed. I might have complained. At any rate I am not doing fiction here and I remember Lionel came looking for me in the commune and we sat in the common area and talked.

“So my God, your number isn’t even up yet, forethought. Do you want to work on Security or Maintenance?”

I picked Security and ended up there on the door guarding the place from the junkies and speed freaks without much need for any history of Yorkville as impinging on Rochdale.

If you look at the History of Rochdale you see that the original plan would not have created such a need for a strong, violent, secretive, Security as became the case. This guy Dennis Lee, as young as he was, apparently bailed as soon as he saw the direction Rochdale College was going.

The histories of Rochdale blame Security for much of the downfall. The drug dealers were professionals. The drug dealers like drug dealers of today, organized crime of today, need protection.

In Rochdale there were some who had one apartment under one name, and another under another, and another. The reasons for that are that a professional criminal doesn’t want to get caught and go to jail.
“We were around a long time before you hippies.” one of them, maybe Fergie told me. I think he even did something condescending like put his hand on my head.

I nearly smacked a guy for pinching my cheek in Wilmington, NC in the 90s. One of those parties they had in Wilmington for the nascent film business at the ICE House we drove to like it would be something more than a second rate, third rate, waste of time not even worthwile for “networking”, your leftover reality from when there was some reality in this fucking world.

Then, I was a lot less likely to even think about it. He was telling me a truth I needed to keep into account.

I learned a lot about political science in Rochdale. In later more academic studies then I knew what it was about when reading: “A nation has to maintain a monopoly on force.”
– I had long ago in High School read The Essential Works of Anarchism, reading the William Godwin tract about how a struggle with the environment was not enough to create a nation.
Rochdale was a loss in the war between the generations which isn’t a good way of describing it for it is a Drug War from then in a line to now where I hear about 60 thousand dead in Mexico and can see the movie No Country of Old Men.

Lots of my people have gone to prison, which is a kind of death. Lots of my people retired as does my character attempt in The Revolutionary.

To be real clear about the criminals and the operations as controlling places under different names is that one place was a warehouse, the other where business was done, and the other was where they lived.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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