Help me Name My Enemies

I have difficulty hating people. I am getting better at it. My old enemies have actually stuck around, and are reinvigorated. While I am the Founder of Transcendia, and primarily a revolutionary, I must fit in, and name, and call out, my enemies.
As a group, and institution, it is those who honor the CSA are my enemies. It was a wonderful thing that citizens of the USA fought the bloody battles that did end the expansion of slavery. I am angry with Afro American institutions and leaders for not more often complimenting those white men and boys who put their lives on the line, and died in fantastic numbers on battlefields from the West of Texas on through to Vicksburg which showed how stupid Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee really were, through the horror of Cold Harbor, and to the end of it all at Appomattox.
In retrospect I wish the defeat had been made more severe and Robert E Lee had at least been tried as a traitor and shunted off to prison along with the rest of the leadership that was willing to cause the horror that that civil war represents.
Those monuments to the heroes of the CSA set up at Richmond’s Monument Row, and then all throughout the Confederate states are the point of a breaking point for me. These holy statues are abominations.
We know what the Confederate States of America wanted to be. We know what they stood for. We know now, thanks to Edward Babtist, that it was a greedy bunch of torturers that led the Confederate States of America.
It is in our past. It is supposed to have been settled. It is not settled and this does make it easier for us to identify my enemies.
You can choose whether or not they qualify as your enemies.
I think it was at the turn of the century that I really got it that I was working class and suffered to a good extent those secret humiliations and the tortures of poverty. I often imagine what the real extent to which I would have suffered if I had not been bailed out by either my mother, or my sister. I suffered acutely enough. My other sister helped me very much during the divorce.
There were friends in Rochester that gave me a place to sleep, not to mention the community of poets and a shared life with children. I did have to substitute the children of my friends for what I otherwise would have sought in the lives of my in laws and cousins.
There is a woman we met in NYC who had lost the last familial relationship when her brother died. From that time on she knew that she had no family left.
I could tell from the look of sadness on her face that she was fully aware of what it meant for her to from then on, be essentially alone in a dangerous and mean world.
When I work at designing a nation, I do plan that the citizenship will provide a base of income that enables a life. We are talking about providing security for all our citizens who may not have any other help. In fact I want all of the citizens of Transcendia to be happy.
There is no reason at all that the pursuit of happiness should be written out of any declaration of rights. I am not at all made a victim of the hedonism of Sir Richard Branson, except as far as until I read too much of his self congratulatory “Influencer” posts to Linked In.
The unsocialized rednecks, hicks, simplistic ignorant people of the rural enclaves full of cows and chickens convinced from youth that there was something nobel and proud about the goals of the wannabe American royalty, wannabe aristocrats playing with the big boys from the North Eastern banks as they learned to write bills of sale and scribble in their account books the values of their cows, chickens, cotton, and slaves demanded more and more and more for just themselves.
Their frilly women’s fashions and the hats and European militaristic gray uniforms do not fool me into seeing them as what their fancy suits and frilly clothes were made out as who they really were. They were sick people. Surveillance and fear and rape torture and murder were just how they lived.
Either they were blind to the civilized modes of life and behavior that had been developed over 2,000 years of English strives towards civilization, or just didn’t care because they had the deeds.
Then after the war, they, dedicated and resentful looked for the way to cause The South to Rise Again!
That’s what they said, “The South Will Rise Again!”
They found it with the use of monuments.
My brother, who has a degree in art history, told me about sculpture. There was a long time that the sculpture was really a god.
The sculptures are powerful and do evoke feelings of awe and respect.
My parents didn’t march me around statues to the heroes of the CSA on Memorial Day. In the South many children were marched around these statues standing in near 4,000 town squares in all the former CSA states. All that States Rights means for labor is the legacy masters are but a hairs breath from being again able to own you.
They took it as a right for them to murder many a sharecropper when he was supposed to be paid. They could get away with it. They delighted in it. They were taught to hate the Yankees, and they taught their children too, and they have the gall to declare Martin Luther King Day, Robert E Lee Day.
No perversion is out of bounds.
In the South it seems a great number of parents never got around to, or ever get around to telling their children that incest is wrong. You get to wondering what the fuck is wrong with these people! They sure ought to keep some secrets, but when you are sick, you just can’t hid it.
There was a point when it was obvious to all of the German hierarchy that Hitler was mentally ill. Reading between the lines about Gettysburg and Robert E Lee, you can feel that he was a bit too close to his daughters. We understand the grief of a parent for the loss of a child, but my God! He couldn’t put this aside for the few hours demanded of him in the prosecution of a battle in which, what 30 thousand soldiers were slaughtered when he ordered them to run out in a naked field towards well shielded rife and artillery.
What a fucking asshole. There were plenty of his Army with daughters of their own.
He looked good, but so did the NAZIs. The NAZIs hired one of the most prominent fashion designers of the day.
Hitler was sexually sick as well. Whatever perversions he was fully of a part, you get the idea that the more difficulty a person has in living a healthy intimate life, the more fearful they are of art that celebrates intimate beauty. People like this who want the breast of “Justice” covered, are likely some twisted fucks.
These characters are to be judged as not at all the sort of people who will honor justice for all, much less know the value of “a life of the mind”.
Bobby Jindal is pushing a 40 percent cut in funding to the state university system. What a fool he shows himself as, especially if he thinks this is good for the people of his state.
The 10 percent cut Scott Walker is talking about, might be warranted when you start to take a look at management of some of these university systems. If it was at all about that, bloated administrative bureaucracies driving up tuitions, and basically cushy positions of spokesperson for this department and that department that got their jobs as the universities wanted all their friends to get paychecks, for something.
The attack is on the mission of higher education that is called “higher” education for a reason. I do support the mission of higher education, and now that my hard working years are over, I have become serious about my scholarship. I may be an Independent Scholar, but I am still a scholar. It was good that I dedicated my life to understanding everything I needed to know about how to found a nation.
The goal of preventing apocalyptic riot was always clear.
How to make this happen required study.
Whatever degrees I don’t have I now deserve, and I would not know what I know as a scholar. A scholar who has been in fistfights and suffered beatings will not hold to illusions about power. When I got grown enough, but too old to survive anymore beatings, I got a gun.
I don’t try and put myself in any positions that would call for me to shoot someone. The time on the street I wanted to shoot dead this crack addict street robber who tried to rob and kill me, I’d have been happy to do it.
Now I fear a Trotsky death, and ought to change the orientation of my desk.
If I got to knocking over all the monuments exalting the traitors and enemies of my class, I’d be a fool not to keep a defense force around me.
I have a rational fear of even inciting the toppling of these false heroes. The only motivation they could claim when calling for recruits, was that the “homeland” Dixie was being invaded.
So it is easy in the USA for me to identify my enemies. They are the ones fighting for ignorance. They didn’t want their slaves to read, and now they don’t want them to think.
They need to get the message that for what they do and what they say, they are enemies of the working class. It is obvious to at least me that the South has Risen, and it is just as mean and stupid as it ever was.
Every single one that signed the Norquist Nation so called Tax Payer Protection Pledge ought to be kicked from their seat in Congress or the Senate. To have signed that pledge meant to deny the Federal Treasury the needed operating funds, was a betrayal of their oaths of office. Those who have come along since screaming the same claptrap, devoid of loyalty to their people and their Union, are nothing less than enemies of the state.
Next Up: Who ought to be my enemies on the international scene?

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