Transcendia as Anti Anarchist

You will not get a world government, so Transcendia is a small weak nation all over the world.
It is anti war and makes itself available to Peace Keeping Forces and Gendarmes of the UN according to the International Laws of Best Practices.
So I am reading The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, by John J Mearsheimer of U of C.
Norton & Company is the publisher.
The discussion is started from “the effects of the Anarchic Structure.” There is no “Government of Governments”. The logical Government of Governments is the United Nations, which is not for not having an armed forces. Whatever covert forces it has, as are needed in this time of Terroristic bombings and small assaults I have little information about.
The goal of Transcendia has long been to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot. I had along the way wondered why it was not already existent as a realized United Nations. Earlier I more often explained Transcendia as a nation spawned of all others and the precedent of Disneyland and Hong Kong and Pan Am, and the American Automobile Association.
You want to be a Transcendian because it is a great myth of its own as a nation that is fair and practical.
Since Transcendia will always be geographically limited to the perimeter road of the airport, and international, unable to get out of the way of nuclear weapons so to be fair wants others to disarm of these weapons, these nuclear bombs which we are too used to.
They are an unethical threat to all working classes and I want my class to be treated as fairly as possible.
But the thesis of the reality of offensive realism and tracing the evidence of what actually we can expect of great powers, now the US and China, the problem of peace is the void of a Government of Governments.
The UN is prevented from fulfilling this role that is rightfully its mission as a system stunted after the Bi Polar Power Balance changed to a multipolar power balance with the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Now the questions drove my studies and long before I came upon these scholars I had seen that a nation in the world that was built on the strengths of the airports and port sociological realities of a bit more tolerance for others said that the most possible thing was to create a flagged network of airports that facilitated secure, safe, trustworthy and fair environments in which to do business. So the Insurodollar Bank of Transcendia will of course be a fine fair trustworthy place to put your money, even if the money is taxed in order to make it so.
To be strong though Transcendia must require Insurodollars for food and fuel and all that sort of business that it is as an airport.
So then as now I must expand my role for Transcendia so that it is the Government of Governments for not only financial power of trade, but a presence that constitutes a threat of violence against violators of international standards of behavior. Further the nature of the permanent war demands small secretive forces seeking out and destroying caches of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Transcendia as a nation of airports must then be prepared to host Peace Keeping Government of Government Forces that work with the anarchist Transcendians in the sense that all Transcendians are to be armed with the highest level of personal weapons they can realistically due to inclination and aptitude carry. In other words some Transcendians working and living on one or all Transcendian Ports will carry at least pepperspray, or whatever works best as a nonlethal weapon.
Carrying a weapon is a great deal more work that it looks like in the movies. Many many people get themselves killed or horribly kill others because of their ignorance of the use of weapons. I mean the full range of the ignorance of the use of weapons, and how a gentleman is as much charged to speak rationally towards conflict resolution, the nuclear threat is unconscionable.
I accept war as a conflict, and respect the warriors who fight out of love of their countrymen. Transcendia does want to be a nation that is loved by its people it gives freedom to.
I am spawned of the Myths and myth of a fair nation on all fronts interior and exterior. I wrote down general precepts for the governance of Transcendia, accepting the leadership example of the positioned, let us say Kings family and aristocrats who are to be most patriotic steering the ship of state. We do think of the world as our position in it dictates. The Westminster part of Transcendia is me. I have the vision and impart it to you.
It is a challenge to the UN for me to have issued a passport that anyone can buy. I did ask that Virgin take up the vetting and selling of Transcendian Passports that regularize World Citizenship as Sir Richard Branson says is a great life. It sure looks like a great life, what with the airplanes and his island. I read some futurist book during one hospital stay well modeled to the stories of these people who do have it all and can buy seats on spaceships.
It is a grand thing even to have gone nowhere and even somewhere on private Learjets or a Falcon 50. I got to fly myself around in Florida. I ought to have not wanted to be a TV Writer I suppose for the flying yourself around in a little plane makes most all other sufferings disappear.
It is wonderful that I live in an anti airport community. At least the powered gentry elites are passionately against having our own local community airport that is a center of commerce with a small town feel. I don’t want to have to even drive to RDU if I am to set out from my base to NYC or LA for business. I need to move my Art Show on a Tour from here to NYC and LA as the most minor of my businesses. The Xmas Tree Project could still be made to succeed.
What I want you should have. Freedom and the manageable life of excellence means going where the right people are for what you have to offer. I must go to NYC and become famous at this stage of the game for the founding of Transcendia, which was made in a time and is running out of time.
We recognize that we are running out of time as a species, but want to ignore the reason. The main reason we are running out of time is the petrodollar imperative. Nations are planning transformation at the very end of the supply of non renewable big BTU fossil fuels.
The wise are saying that it is already late that we have not applied the transformational engineering of generators and motors and electric distribution. Why big is the semi rational justification that it is a powerful resource and source of monopoly realized energy that provides incredible fortunes as if it was the same a gold and must be therefore found and sold.
To change that imperative I invented the Insurodollar, and this completes the operational financial foundation for the nation. Other nations can adopt it. It does not matter to me if the Chinese Working man achieves therefore equality with the other working people of the world. Transcendia is supposed to advance the fortunes of all, and especially the working classes.
We are talking about a system of artificial land islands set down in all nations operating according to only the best of human laws and ethics. Transcendia will be a desirable citizenship.
The organization behind the pages does not much at all exist so Transcendia is a work of conceptual art and can even stay that way for me to be successful within the frame of it as an artwork.
There is always a place for any man where he is needed. We see that the multinational corporations have offices all throughout the world, and their employees travel from base to base and the corporations are more stable, or were, than the nations where they do business.
Corruption of ideal and spirit in the cynical age of economic warfare is making all drift towards the apocalyptic riot born of confusion and fear. What is Mr. Mearsheimer offering as a way out other than the recognition that a “Government of Governments” must be sold as advancing the security of any nation.
Is not a war of aggression against the laws of international behavior, and why is there not a loyalty and love of the security a Government of Governments gives its own, and the rest of the world?
Early on I felt that Transcendia could well take up where the UN left off, and just as I marveled that there was no competitive UNTV, I marvel that the UN is not what I would be already.
So the nations distrust each other so much that they fear the Government of Governments which might crush their rebellion, there aggressive war, that to maintain the freedom to right or wrong attack another nation prevents the submission to a pooled and greater power.
Since we cannot overcome that desire for the power to break international law, the UN is stunted to not have but the weakest of enforcement capabilities.
We must sell Transcendia to be the best possible institution in place of a Government of Governments, and allow for a nation operating under all best ethical and practiced proven international laws.
Work must be a legal right, and all peoples need the ability to get on a plane and go where there is a possible peaceful life for them. The Transcendian Passport ought to employ the accountants who will provide protection and manage their taxes so as to give them the security of a civilized life when they have worked, or in fact, just been good people.
There were things that the people of the tribe just had to do for each other. And so be it all are of the tribe and have their lives to share with each other. Who needed to hid but so much of what they had from the others of the tribe?
Financial Engineering as I understood it within the discipline of engineering is quite different from what we see from the smart financial engineers that exploit the loopholes in whatever process exists. In a good way there are regulations for economic conflicts. These are in danger of disappearing due to the culture of predators feeding on the body politic separated from any countrymen and a virtual club of psychopaths.
The Wall Street Financiers that are tearing companies like Timpkin apart are further weakening the respect that some of them did gain from supporting the building of great companies that were like other organizations grasping for as complete hold on power over their employees for a time in some quarters that made civilian wealth a reality which provided for a strong military. If the short term financial engineering of financiers is not stopped the trust of the monied of other nations will evaporate, regardless of the dominance of the petrodollar.
I had suggested that to recreate the Bi Polar Power Balance Russia would have become a state of the US and then the Bipolar power balance would exist in opposition to primacy aims of China.
Because the Russians have adopted all the worst of Wall Street machinations no one enjoys doing business with them and they are so uncooperative and untrustworthy as to drive business to want other partners. There are US States where I must not go, or if I do, stay on the airport. For instance I would likely be very uncomfortable in Mississippi.
I had postulated that the tradition of contract law in Western Capitalism was missing from Russian business culture, and that to be successful capitalist they needed a tradition of contract law that the US and the UK could give them.
As the story played out, or has played out so far, there was a sort of predatory glee that swept through the Financial capitals as the Soviet Union roiled through this gifting of party members with the spoils. There were those melting tanks I heard, for 5 cents a ton. Then Gore had to go and give Russian Space Engineers and scientists work so they wouldn’t hire out to major arms projects of US enemies.
Putin seems perfectly to be playing out aggressions aimed at Hegemony.
I do agree that there is geography that determines much of how conflicts come to break out.
For the so called community of nations and the peoples of the world in all classes the skew of nuclear weapons cannot forever be ignored. We will see the nuclear attack on centers of civilization if we do not make it internationally impossible to make and threaten each other with nuclear weapons.
You could make a case for a Government of Governments initiating international war of nuclear capability destruction. Certainly if the US and all other Nuke armed nations did not all agree, it would bring about a war on the nuclear capability of the US, which would not pay for such a war through the UN certainly.
North Korea could not be trusted to disarm if even they just said so, so would have to be invaded as invasions were justified on the basis of nuclear capacity. If the US thinks any other nation ought not have nuclear weapons, what makes the US believe other nations would not react to the hypocrisy of one who has the nuclear option?
There is the Japanese prohibition against fire arms that lasted 200 years as some precedent that such decisions can be made.
We have made it this far. I do not speak here of the EU. I believe it was last year the Germans and French had a celebration for the fact they had not gone to war with each other in 50 years. It would be in the interests of general prosperity that the real reasons of Financial punishments of Greece and to some extent Spain that a better Central Bank System was put in place.
So my Insurodollar has the disadvantage of being possible to generate terrific wealth in direct proportion to its population, for essentially the wealth of the nation is the productive power of its populations. But how is this so different from the reality that the greater the population the greater the latent power as military capabilities are paid for by prosperous citizens taxed to make it so.
It is evident that there is a danger of the US becoming an entirely military based economy. Schools are financed by the US Government to contribute technologies for weapons as opposed to civilian missions like physical infrastructure. Great swaths of the population are housed outside the ivory walls of the medieval like citadels.
Nearly they are warehoused it would feel as Detroit pops into mind. I heard that the socialized medical system and other factors encouraged the car builders to move across the border to build and wondered why this was how the grand corporations of the United States did instead of lobbying for such an arrangement that so attracted them to leave, was fought against for the nation of their birth?
We do need to consider the corporations that have aged along with our nation to now over and over abandon the US Worker. I am sorry that Ms. Rand was oppressed by the socialism of Russia. There are socialist nations of Europe that do have effective governments that provide a good level of honorable ways of life for their peoples. They stay out of the news because things are okay.
Copenhagen is an example of a place with a great airport. Everybody has to be somewhere, and migrating is the best idea for the oppressed.
There is no great mystery now about the details of a good and honorable life. It is true that this religiously justified conflict in Iraq primarily calls for overwhelming force to be crushed by an international peace enforcement army. Some would rather just live with it. There are good reasons not to just put up with it. In particular the prize of a nuclear bomb will be pursued by a combatant who does have friends.
So the realist says anarchy means distrust and fear, which means aggressive war. This is due to the lack of a Government of Governments that was founded but needs repair for the new multipolar power balance which is expected to be in place for some time.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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