The Reason for Transcendia

For instance nobody likes to do business with the Russians. If I was to go to Russia do do business, or to some Islamic nation, or some African nation, to do business, I would stay on the airport, and have people who wanted to sell things to me, or mine, come to me and deal with me on the neutral ground of the International airport.
Transcendia is simply building on that common strength of these airports where people know how to act. Transcendia would depend on international organizations and international laws and standards of behavior, and business.
I was inspired by my time in Rochdale College in Toronto. There are profound lessons I learned there. All the hallucinogenic drugs were legal there. They spoke out of two sides of their mouths on this issue. The Security Force became, or more rightly was corrupt from the get go, using the hippies naivete`so as to provide around them a shield for their criminal enterprises of high stakes gambling, and then the mobster drug cocaine.
Many began turning away from the mind expanding drugs and simple pot, towards cocaine, which was not fully understood in the early 1970s. It was not considered addictive, and it was a seductive drug for how it made many feel powerful. The criminals of Security then manipulated the supposed laws of Rochdale, stealing the coke from the less connected dealers, then kicking those dealers out, and giving the cocaine partly to those on the governing board.
I read the book


by Brian Grieveson in which he makes light of this corruption. It made me angry for I nearly got thrown out a window when I tried to stop this corruption. I had tried to stop it by telling my mentor Lionel Douglas of it. In my latest book Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my daughter, I include a story from those times and that place.
I had imagined that my nation of airports could be operated from taxes on pot, but recognized I would have to lead a war with greater powers in order to do so, and am not so idealistic to sacrifice myself knowing that I really don’t like or trust criminals.
Time has passed and now Washington State and Colorado are benefiting from legal pot.
It is a true horror that so many lives have been destroyed over the past 40 or 50 years in the prohibition of pot. That we allow this daily assault on hedonists?, regular people who use it, or used it as a folkway, is a sign that our world does not care as much at all about tolerance and justice as they say. For look at the horrors that flow out of this Drug war.
Better to write it than live it, and I can make up a war movie fought for control of cocaine transit airfields, instead of doing it and dying in combat, or having others die in combat over the coke transit airfields that dotted South America. Now they are sending robotic submersibles to Europe with cocaine, from what I can tell from what I see on VICE.
I did declare that pot would be legal on Transcendian airfields and have included the times from joint to joystick there in the passports.
Daily we see reports of working people trapped into wage slavery when their passports are taken from them. The Transcendia and Transcendian Passports, could be an aid to these people. Spies always keep more than one passport. You ought to as well have a spare to at the least be able to give away in hostage situations.
In fact I do not necessarily have to have any altruistic reason for the creating of a new nation. I simply by now, want to have my own nation, as my own creation to see what good can come of it.
It is not as if I ought to be, nor should you be particularly patriotic towards the US anymore. Certainly the powerful people of the world hold no patriotic feelings or loyalty towards any nation, and manipulate working people the same as the criminals of Rochdale, manipulated the hippies who were all full of themselves and their fashions, to enrich themselves.
Honest working people are made daily into suckers. The laws of the nation have been made so as to legalize the financial engineering pioneered by mobsters who coming out of Italy and Sicily had a long tradition of their family first.
Nation states have so been corrupted that they have in Japan given responsibility for the disaster at Fukushima to mobsters. The interior of Italy is a cancerous dump.
We hear little now about what the dumping of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean means to the food we take out of those waters. I have seen photos of mutated moths. This is the sort of thing I think TS Eliot meant by, “Not a bang, but a whimper.”
Sir Richard Branson is gleefully huckstering one new company after another, and is the great hedonist who calls himself a World Citizen. He has his own island.
Without the support of Virgin, it is right bleak for Transcendia. I and my construct exist independent of money and power.
It was, and may still well be that I have appealed for Station Agents and Pilots of Virgin to buy Transcendia Passports, and honor them for passage on planes they pilot.
Another reason that I continue to fail is the relative apolitical nature of pilots and people who live and work on the airports of our world. They can and do simply just go wherever they want, and do not necessarily need to support any particular nation.
So I can say that Transcendia is a great idea. It is mine, and I work at making you aware of what it might do to take up where the UN leaves off.
The passport could give regular working people papers they could use to live as World Citizens same as Sir Richard.
It could provide safe places for those of different cultures to do business. It could be a great example if it were uncorrupted and realistic.
We will not ever see a World Government. However Transcendia would be a government in the world.
This is a great strength of my concepts as a realist.
All I really have to do is make a 3D VR scratch and sniff war movie, as a replacement for the necessary war.
I used to like making movies.
They were like military campaigns, and I used military strategy to get them done.
Right now sitting here with my broken leg, going from one end of the house to the other isn’t much fun, and nothing much seems fun.
I can say that I discovered I was working class, which means I am essentially cannon fodder. My class has not united.
We cannot expect that the working classes will now all of a sudden unite. The fact that there is no ubiquitous UNTV channel shows that the UN is now a sideshow to be blamed for failures instead of being empowered to succeed at moderating the nature of our wars.
Working people don’t even know what they don’t know because their masters control the news.
In the Transcendia Passport I endorse Westminster Parliamentary Democracy, Roberts Rules of Order, The Airport Authority, and accept Godwin Anarchy as far as Defense and Education are the primary responsibilities and duties of a nation.
I don’t even want you to donate on the basis of what a great man, and what great ideas I have. Neither you nor I can feel that now. There is no fantastic playing of trumpets and a soundtrack that is heroic accompanying my time at my desk.
What I want you to do is buy a Transcendian or Transcendia Passport. It is after all my work of conceptual art, and is pretty revolutionary as it an I am spawned of the great ideals, and the great stream of good ideas that has been laid out for us to follow, if we want to be heroic and pure, and even realistic about what could be.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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