Now you can google somebody and find out a few things I hear. There was a thing that went by where someone was asking if it was right to listen to what people told you on a date, when you had googled them and found out the things the person was telling you.
“I googled you.”
You might as well listen and see what somebody says to you. You might as well see if somebody is going to lie, or is lying or is a liar.
In Manhattan when people would tell me that they had a budget of 100 thousand dollars it was such a common budget you had to get the idea that they were lying. Everybody isn’t the same. All the budgets can’t be the same unless it is the same story being retold by the same people who charge the same for the work all the time.
Liars and cheats feel pretty good about themselves. Smiling and happy throwing their arms open. Spies are supposed to lie aren’t they. The spy and the actor were supposed to be similar as pretenders accomplishing a great goal.
The boss of the movie getting the story is you sitting in a chair row there getting the story. Boss, the Boss like Stalin gets the story from his master spy who tells him the truth so when he is talking to Roosevelt he knows already what the budget for aid is.
The story in Farewell is about a Russian spy who causes Reagan to close up lots of the access to technology that made it possible for the Russians to keep up without having to pay for their own Research and Development. This is at least a part of the story of economic warfare.
Truly it was depressing last month when the Chinese were charged with economic espionage, and it was turned back and reported that they could easily say then: “So What!” “You are doing the same thing!” There was a story to point to and the point was then well then that the US Ambassadors who were given the information didn’t know which company to share the story with because there were more than one company in the US doing the work, whereas in China, the State was doing the work and the spies knew who they were working for.
The lessons about “Spooks” as they were called in the literature of my youth when there was lots to write about because of Viet Nam was that when the spooks failed, war broke out above the ground and was a bloody mess that was more generally lethal and expensive.
Some of the survivors always want to go back and look up old girlfriends. I think a good number of people of my generation are dying early. Seems like there are a good number of stories that have never been told.
In a democracy you are supposed to be as much a boss as the boss like you are getting all the same information sitting in the movie theater. Allegorical zombies and vampires imply we are getting the blood sucked out of us right and left. Next in line will be magnificently large mosquitoes.

I’ve heard so many bad stories and suffered so many insults and have been damaged by lies so much that I really do fear them and have to wonder if the people around me can deal with the truth. Jack Nickleson screamed in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!”
Then they hauled him off.
“What happened?” “Well we did murder a guy.” That is sort of that story.

So my interest in the spy stories followed up after I’d read a great deal of science fiction. The Berlin Wall was going up and we didn’t get bombed with atomic bombs that was going to create nuclear winter. I probably still watch Dr. Strangelove all the way through every three years ago or so.

This book about the murder of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy and what I know about the murder of Fred Hampton and what we heard about Martin Luther King’s death has gotten me to really wonder if maybe Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin might have been OD d as part of the program. Certainly Bob Dylan was more in a position to be in counter culture leadership. The CIA and NSA are now so exposed and public that I have difficulty seeing them as anything more than cover for whomever as a unit is getting at intelligence. There was allusion to such a group independently in that movie about the Freegans who do lots of dumpster diving. The lead girl of a time travel cult and that Freegan movie gets under my skin, but she and her filmmaking partner are onto something for sure.

Personally I get as much free information as I can from IHS, which I think I’ve mentioned before. The NYTs isn’t fully trustworthy when it comes to Public Relations and Mind Control being used on you to get you to get with the program.
So at least at some of the higher levels if you happen to be gay, or bi, or mess up in your personal life, you can’t as easily be blackmailed. I read they were just going to tell potential FBI agents to stop using marijuana when we hire you.

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