There was the vision that was to become a touchstone in my mind. I explained it and it was for a work of conceptual art once I stopped trying to be funny.
I gave up trying really hard to be a standup comic.
I still do make comedy on Transcendian of youtube. Soon I’ll figure how to link it all up.
My friend said he was getting 803 error messages now for the past couple of weeks. This is a bad message because it is noted as possibly causing serious damage to the computer.

I did a couple few painting this past weekend. I keep trying to learn to paint. Matching up the brush size and the canvas, or panel size is a key thing I am sure. I have to unlearn and relearn like everybody else I guess.

I did a big Mind Control study after reading my own book out loud. I’ve said the book now called The Revolutionary was about what the “revolution” of the ’60s felt like. There was CONINTELPRO and CHOAS going and it was there in the mental landscape. You could as easily end up in a Psyck ward as now you can get put on Ritilin and put in the mental hospital. Conforming was against the beatnik code.
Conforming actually is against the beatnik code.

Really I did fine without Facebook for a long time. They must have learned something from their Mind Control experiments. I am down now to about 5 friends on Facebook. I unfriended another person. It isn’t for my not liking them really, but for the images of what they are living and liking that I some lived through.
Those things became horrific for me and I don’t want to be forced to remember the events.

Disneyland and Walt Disney are genus for taking over large land areas and getting money from it all and becoming a government all to themselves as described in Team Rodent.
Transcendia has things to learn from Disney, but in the end has to go with Las Vegas as more like “free”, and less conformist. Pan Am, Disneyland, and Hong Kong are organizations of note when thinking about how to make a nation as I envision to augment the UN and be independent of the UN because the UN fails in some significant areas.

The UN fails women. I don’t mean that I’m not sick of how women think and act and want things to be safe all the time till they are wanting to conform to stupid fashion adventures like climbing Mt. Everest for the adventure of learning to shit in the snow with the wind blow at 22 thousand feet 10 thousand above oxygen needs and why get into situations like that?
Somebody has to.

Stupid me here going at women on a subject far from my real aggravations.
Okay if I was a woman I’d want enforced fairness which is what comes more easily around on airports where lots of businesses get going well and are safe and for the most part airports are more properly conformist with how people act, than other places.

Sadly Honduras is in bad shape.

But to get mankind through the bottleneck creating a nation of airports and creating a new currency will do about all the best possible that can be done. Certainly it fits my vision. When I touch details to the touchstone of the vision we got after discussion out of Godwin Anarchy more after defense and education through to Parliamentary Democracy with a strong emphasis on Roberts Rules of Order.

Still the current culture of Islamic societies at war for a Caliphate and willingness to go kamikaze doesn’t fit in with trust issues when we get to see what can happen when some ignorant anarchist breaks the building security system you need to keep the barbarians out.

I did learn some things from Rochdale College.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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