Israel & Palestine and the Insurodollar Skew

Transcendia and Transcendian Passports

The Insurodollar fixes lots of problems, giving labor leverage with capital.

Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz had a debate that I watched about the violence in Israel, and the history, along with the agreements laying around that haven’t been implemented.

I made the suggestion that to create a disincentive for the continuation of killing and destruction of property, an aspect of the Insurodollar could be applied.
What I was proposing that by either the One State solution, a de facto solution of occupation, or in the Two State Solution, Palestinians and Israelis are insured.
Now the concept for the Insurodollar is that all the citizens are given Whole Life Policies from birth, and the National Bank of the Nation pools partially the equity of these policies from which to found the bank and the currency of the bank, the Insurodollar.
National leaders all the time are saying that the great value of their nation is their people. Company leaders are always saying the great value of their company is their people. The Insurodollar would sure be a proof of that. The Insurodollar would definitely recognize the national capital that is human capital.

Natural death, and violent death are two different things. William Godwin the father of Anarchy points this out. -Saying that it is one thing for people to be swallowed by a fissure in the earth, and another for people to be bombed and shot to death. The fissure, characterized as Force Majeure is often written out of many policies.

In the case of the Israelis and the Palestinians and the one state de facto situation it would be a disincentive if the national bank of the Insurodollar was prompted to pay death and destruction benefits when civilians of either side were killed in acts of violence.

There is the story of the British export of its criminals to Australia. They paid shipping companies to transport the prisoners to the place by the bodies put on the ship for awhile. The shippers crammed as many on as they could and delivered a high rate of dead. Eventually so many were starved and otherwise killed by disease that the British began only paying for those delivered alive, which changed the rates of death.

I’d call that a paradigm change.

It is a solution that otherwise needs to be applied in conjunction with a smothering Peace Force. The UN does not have an army, a regulatory peace force of its own, though it should have. The UN looks to be a dumping ground for connected bureaucrats who get to live in NYC and go to La Trapeze on Wednesday nights. The Organizations of the UN have a recognized and consistent value that most all nations accept, like the World Health Organization, or International Civil Aviation Organization. The utility of these organization helps people keep the world running.

There are a good number of flaws to the system that is the UN. It’s goals are to eliminate war, all war, all war forever is to be eliminated through meetings and the deployment of Peace Keeping Forces. Because they have been aimed at eliminating all war, they have been slow to pick up properly the regulating of wars.

The failure to create a situation that is stable in Israel certainly calls for answers to why this is so. If the theologies represented were really all that great, you would expect less death and destruction. Don’t these people have any shame? If God is all powerful, do they show it by sending so many to the mythical heavens of paradise delivered in pieces as if his greatest teachings amounted to lessons in butchery?

Whomever it was that invented insurance to make money, for the love of money, starts to look better.

A System wherein mass murder pays, over a system in which mass murder costs is a system I’ll put on a tall white hat and say was suggested to me by elders and oracles.

So if there is constituted a Bank based on Human Capital, represented by Whole Life Insurance policies for all the citizens, paying for the missing man, paying for the bombed docks and destroyed shopfront, as proven by one side or another, then prompting death benefits, and property reimbursement, It has another advantage as a concept to apply: It would be a fair system.

Immediately you can say not. But you cannot say not in relation to Palestinian numbers, as compared to the numbers of Jews. An ostensibly democratic nation must value all the lives of it’s citizens the same. Slavery doesn’t work out because the slaves become inspired to operate at a consistent level of eroding sabotage, in Democracies.

The CSA was right to fear the slave that could read and write.
The fact that Poets in the Middle East get more respect than they get around here gives me something to think about. I have plenty of cause to be happy I am not famous, but to complete my work, I must become famed.

I must get sponsorship to speak to the General Assembly on this issue of Israel, as for Transcendia might as well be the same as a rogue airport in the Transcendian System of Airports. This is my motivation to think and speak of it.

My Transcendian Goal is to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot.

I see now that prior to the July publication I did not have all of the governing principles of Transcendia, along with it’s need for a currency worked out properly.
Alan Greenspan insulted me, saying I, an American Worker needed to be retrained.
Well, I vowed then to become an Economist, and a Creative Economist is what I became with the introduction of the Insurodollar into the Transcendian plans.

If I had sales from Amazon of the Transcendian Passports, I could make a case for strength enough to be allowed to speak to the UN Security Council.

Transcendian Money by Dave Ripton

I believe you can download the Currency Note of Transcendia all 1,000, print all you want and write your deal memo’s on the back.

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