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Some Radios of a type I loved really.  A town CB radio net has community power in my mind.

Some Radios of a type I loved really. A town CB radio net has community power in my mind.

I have long loved two way radios, or just radios even. I’ve listened in 80 meters to people talk about their chainsaws. The thing in Monument Men was a nice touch for me. I think those things really did work for about 50 miles.
I’ve seen specs for some of the old radios. The newer SWs are incredible for I saw a guy tune in Spainish hams in the daytime clear as a bell on his system with the real antenna up over his home.
It would be a fun little victory to lead us in the community to have some CB nets for the burrows, as this town is like a rabbit warren of homes in backyards like all over the place.
The commonality of the CB, along with the no license required is like at least one little fun thing people can do to get to know the people around them without knowing them.
Like in my mind a fun way to get introduced.
And the CB is cheap. I found one that worked great for 5 bucks, and regret giving it away.
I gave one to a friend so I might have someone to talk to on mine. My range is apparently short, and I wrote a note to the FCC about some guy I think boosts on channel 6, dominating the channel.
If I have no hope of ever reaching the guy, it’s like a crime.
But if you live nearby, in Carrboro, what time once a week would we think best for a radio net?

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