Russell Scott Day in Sub Captain Uniform given to me by a supporter.

Russell Scott Day in Sub Captain Uniform given to me by a supporter.

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So I was given scholarships to learn and offered during that time of war and killings and imprisonments an escape place destination that I took up to follow leaving and arriving in Toronto searching out Ron and Diane Chudley who had made the offer of refuge to me when I was at Bloomfield Hills, Cranbrook Schools, ADVENTURE IN CREATIVITY.

Being allowed to go to Adventure in Creativity for 6 weeks kept me away from small town Elon College life lots of the summer of 1970. I had been given a movie camera as the minor when “poetry” was the major.
The Film Teacher, whoever they are convinced me to let them have my film to show, and I have never heard hid nor hair of that guy again. I am sad about that missing my film with my friends in it. Well sure enough it is a good thing that I had a minor for I made more money in my working life later from camera and lighting skills.
My father had been a combat soldier and he inculcated “Drift” into me so that I maintain a theory of Driftright which does follow the hippie ideals of right livelihood. That idea is that if you do what you are good at somehow naturally then you will make enough money, and or have enough standing to survive and contribute properly.
I like a little excitement. Rockets and bombs and fireworks cheer me up. I used to like to fight a little more and I didn’t start losing fights till I was in my thirties when I got beat hospital sight doubling bruised bad. Then later in the NYC comfort bar Brownies across the window street from the apartment on the corner of East 11th and Ave. A, my lip got turned inside out finally triggering the victimhood mental illness shared with many slave survivors.
Working though combat fatigue passed to me by my dad an confrontational enemy making mom of Elon College living and life I suffered enough to lose most all of everything and finally become a gentleman, scholar, and political scientist.
Transcendia is the conceptual art invention and this and all of it satisfies my Doctoral Thesis and art work combinations till now the question to answer still properly is: What will The Space X Martian Government be like?
It was a great, if not the greatest compliment to be able to put on a Submarine Captain uniform, even if it isn’t able to launch nuclear weapons and obliterate human hopes.
Surrendering to the facts means we genetically alter waterbears and cockroaches to carry on our humanism. Robots, and waterbears, and cockroaches with us will advance into space, being the great space faring peoples and big happy buggy bugs.
My wife knows what I am talking about.
Still so what is important is getting rid of weapons of mass destruction. We also need to get in there to Japan and do what it takes to stop the radiation leakage destructo event. I mean that needs bad to be stopped. There must be a mental cultural problem with the Japanese who could have beat the US silly, silly I say in the Pacific of WWII but mismanaged their forces so bad they got bombed bad.
But I did drift into a position on the inside of the government of Rochdale College which was as confidant of Lionel Douglas VP, and President of the place learned of force, corruption, and drug smuggling and dealing techniques.
This stuff is real adventure. There are real more than video game pentalties.
What I wanted to do, and want to do still, is separate Drug Smuggling and Weapons smuggling. To do that will help mankind avoid massive exploding death, though the Hassad use of chem and bio weaponry in the drug smuggling routes sucks ass.
The “Sucks Ass” phraseology ruins my academic standing, but I so like the reality of the message to elite world leadership which can’t be pro business and pro Weapons of Mass Destruction at the same time.
I have been asked about Lionel Douglas and whether or not he was a drug dealer. More important to the little drug dealing he might have done, and what we all condoned in Rochdale College, he had been an experienced smuggler in East Germany where the Cold War was hot, if I am to believe his few stories I got same as i got war stories from my father Lionel had some smuggling stories.
WE Do not mostly want civilians to know how and what and where about smuggling. It is a secret art.
There me be’s drifted to expert in the political arts of the days.
Lionel said that he had been in the Canadian Navy. He said that one time coming through the checkpoint from East Berlin to West Berlin they were stopped and not going to make it till they started shooting and he shot the machine gun through the sides of the van and heard a scream and they made it through.
It is too bad I didn’t press him for details.
He used to periodically work on a screenplay about Arab terrorists and wrote the book of poems and essays and photographs that Arna had published.
WE were at war and are at war all the time.
This is something important that a political scientist needs to know. Somebody somewhere is all the time smuggling something. The arts and crafts of smuggling are espionage arts at their most dangerous heights.
Anything that moves and fast is good far as I am concerned, will be used to smuggle.
Of reasons to legalize drugs separating drug smuggling from weapons smuggling is the most important one.
I am sad that I did not get more of the smuggling in and out and around East Berlin stories from Lionel Douglas, sadly dead and therefore not able to be President of Transcendia leaving me the founder floundering and old with no army and not fully locally connected with the police, local police.

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