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Local interior light formation

Local interior light formation

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What exactly do you expect?

“Did you expect to feel normal,when you took the stuff?”
I feel on the one hand like just letting that quote sit there, and then on the other hand like explaining it. Say it is that you took too much, or whatever it was that you took of a pill substance and were upset with the thoughts about your interior and exterior life.
In fact the pill you took, as mentioned like in a Jefferson Airplane song about pills, did some of what it was advertised to do. So did you expect to feel normal?
On one hand actually you obviously did, which was then turning out to be a mistake.
Every time I had sex with a particular girl I would encourage us to make a memory, which really didn’t happen but a few times.

So you have no real likelihood of much more about long stretches of time amounting in memory to more than it was a good time, or it was a bad time.

I am old and I don’t go out much. I’m sick. A cure for my illness isn’t yet really much known. I have an autoimmune disease. My pssorasis turned inward and ate my joints. The only work I can accomplish is this here really.
Todays, these Monday’s I’ve been able to get into a studio and read aloud my book that is now called The Revolutionary. Today’s work was canceled.

I’ve been reading Lone Wolf Sullivan’s book about Rochdale College Toronto where I lived immediately after graduation from high school where I was part of the lonely hippie anarchist getting laid by my film teacher and with honor roll from periods of sex and LSD that were successful as I was aimed at surviving in good form.

Since I was a little younger than the vanguard that diswarned went to Viet Nam, I went to CAnada for fight my fight and nearly got thrown out a window by drug dealer smugglers who had become the corrupt heart of the elite power structure of Rochdale College where i learned real enemies take your money and beat you and stab you and kill you as opposed to just gossips.

Back then I was a fast young man who punched a guy in the fast first. On into my survived 40s I got a motorcycle, and then I got a couple of pistols and a rifle or two and then now I still have what you sort of need as a knife and a .22, and a little .32. It would be good to have a shotgun.
That is the arsenal.

Transcendia to be more would need an actual army.

After the first US depression of 1837 the US cities all got big police forces to enforce the laws. There was also some repetitive perversion of the banks who got Erie Canal Stock. Banks were and still are best if that is what they are, banks where the money is stored and lent out, not insurance companies, or investment groups.
This is some of what I get from my study of financial engineering the phrase now often used to insult those who want to understand why after all this time we don’t understand how to keep our nation from going poor?
Oh, the rich elite wants the people of the nation to go poor or they will have to pay them more.
It is a proven type of conspiracy.
Some scholars say that when talented people are around they get to go to the best paying company and unions and guilds get in the way. They had a story recently out about how Larry Page? got company CEOs and leadership to agree not to pay more than within strictures so they, the elites had not good control, but all the control, which is what some of the studio system of Hollywood was all about.
That Hollywood Studio system got busted finally by the stars who as independent agents get millions and millions.
IATSE Technical workers haven’t gotten any increases for or 60 years.

Obviously you need to aim from the start at becoming an elite person. Go where the elites go and do what they do and far as any loyalty, figure you will die alone anyway.

“He died with his family all around.” That is an elite winner image. You can get that too. You get what you aim to get if you are lucky.

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