Thief and Business and number 346, that’s me # 346

Out my window, armed white man.

Out my window, armed white man.

We got him to give us the Impala. We being myself and Fergy and Billy walked to the Toronto DMV and had him sign the car over to us.
The Caveat was that I got to drive it and go and get Landed Emigrant status but Fergy got to keep the title. That was to make up for his deep disappointment over not getting to cut the thief’s finger off.
He had put up the money.
The guy was set out on the street to tell people not to come into our place and beat people and steal. We weren’t going to put up with that.

Harold and I went on a tour of bleak Canada out west and back as it got cold and found a big toy sailboat in the water and took it and ended up back at the place and then Fergy and Shaky told me to give them the keys to the car.
I was supposed to have used it for one thing and I had used it for something else and it simply wasn’t going to be my car.
Shaky was there shaking and Fergy was intimidating and Billy was playing with one of the big German Shepards used to fend off people bite people and scare people.
The German Shepards really weren’t all that vicious.
I got so I hated them for all the noise barking and barking and barking.
The Beligum Shepard and the Doberman pincers, those dogs would really hurt you.

There went my becoming a Canadian.

There were some problems. In this meeting they told me not to be telling Lionel so much.

Back then I was different in that I was just rolling. I did things and made decisions or what, the other way around, and I didn’t think about things a whole long time.
There weren’t many people for me to share much of anything with.
I wasn’t really that close to much of anybody but Wierd Harold.

While I write this out and try in a hurry to write it out there are so many pictures from life I want to include and put it all in an order for a movie that people can understand and want to see.
Some of what I was doing then was just observing my life as if it was a movie because I was lots of the time stoned really well on hashish.
I still miss that a lot. For the cold good pot and hashish is a love.
Getting totally numb you might as well.

So thee were two parts of this meeting about the car.
Billy and Fergy and Shaky, and all these guys tight with the cocaine had a smuggling company that operated out at the airport with Rentco, or something like that written on the sides that looked right like all delivery trucks are supposed to look.
They were getting Cocaine and then it came back tot he building and then it got sold.
Knowing this sort of thing at the time of it happening is the sort of thing that will get you killed.

That isn’t really then for Rochdale, Lionel, and Security as all germaine or meaningful, or to the point.
Rochdale had no reason to really care that much about the cocaine smuggling business of Fergy and Billy and Shaky and the rest of the “bikers” that Lionel hired to be Security, on Security with offices and dogs and apartments and warehouses.
I was friends with Harold, or Bob, or and Bill and Elf and just worked and got around the city.

So as someone young and naive I wasn’t used to real power. I have never had my own pistols till in my 40s. They had the guns. They had been in prisons.

Pictures of the woman who had done so much speed her eyes were sunk back into her head so the meat of her brain could be seen. The guy with an infection crawling up his leg showing it to us in the lobby there. Fist fighting with the drunks before a baseball bat was brought out and Francisco tapped that hard on the floor to dissuade more fighting.

None of these things really made that much a difference. Pretty good day in the city really.

What made the big difference was that some people had grabbed me in a hallway when we were rousting some crashers out and told me that Billy and Fergy were evicting them and the rest of them dealing coke, simply to get the coke so they instead of those they were kicking out could use it and sell it.
This was real corruption.

I told Lionel about this, and then they took my car and then they reduced my working hours from 40 to 14.
It is not known to me how I got myself and my dog to North Carolina.
I remember getting the papers for my dog back dated at the vets office so I could bring Orr back to North Carolina with me.

My number had come up 346.

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