Nothing Doing

There was a comic. I can almost get his name. He was a short fat guy with a round face and a big nose. He, like the rest of them, did the Ed Sullivan Show. I think he had some part in the movie It’s a Wild Wild World. They put them all in that movie. Jimmy Durante kicked it off dying in the desert.
What he did was go and apply for jobs he would never get during the day to get material for his act. I admire that. I ought not have taken any job ever offered.
Forklift driving was fun with the electric that didn’t shake itself all apart. I ought not have had any fun doing anything. I ought not have drank to loud jukeboxes and smiled at girls. One old friend hated it that I was happy.
My brother sneered at me about doing what I wanted.
My father said he didn’t like my sense of humor because it always meant something.
“Big deal, you don’t have one.”

When we were talking amongst ourselves as engineers about Haiti, shipping containers came up as possible to convert at the port docks and drag up the hills with chains and tractors to put on the hills tied down with steel rope and concrete filled tires in the ground. Sand and chlorine could be run from the fly tent top into drums for water.
There were things that could be done fast and cheap.

Corruption was so great in the place it wasn’t possible.
They are getting solar powered streetlights and some American Airlines stations at the airports. Airports are being built.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if the French hadn’t extorted all their trees with blockades and threats. For a long time I just thought there was some cultural difficulty that had denuded their part of the island. Mali is another place the French left that isn’t so great.

I was intrigued by this component building. They are using it more and more in NYC. They say it is 15 percent less expensive, but a crane built building goes up in nothing flat and starts generating profits from rents and leases much more quickly.

Not many problems have solutions that are fast and cheap and strong. That’s something you might call elegant.

I’ve tried to make it happen around here where I live, where there is a housing crisis. I even went to the trouble to ask for help. The refusal of help on the idea of doing modular building here isn’t particularly surprising.
I can’t work much. I’m sick. I might get bad more poor than I am.
Best I could do was assemble the materials and make a system. Best I might have done would be to get a factory to locate here.
I recommended they solicit for an established company.

Some workers might have a good time working in the factory, make friends with the factory girls.

It’s been a long time since I invented the Labor Service Research and Development company. I’d had all these jobs no one could do. Temporary jobs are many times just too stupid to be done. The system will be out of order, or like in one case, when the finished product of carpet pads came to the end of the line, we were forced to push it up an incline, instead of let gravity help.

Some people haven’t figured gravity out.

I offered the concept twice to the university. I had it formalized looking like a business plan, though my business plan was flawed by my misperception that the concepts for the business would matter more than the people, like me. Reversed it reads okay.
I am incredible, or was.

Exoskeletons for the last stage of sheetrock delivery would save time and disability. They like them at DARPA for loading tank shells.

Some sleazy whore joes from Millennium Capital Quest ran me around on that. All the time they were picking on the Business Plan, or like often in my life, one guy liked it and the other didn’t.

YuK Yuks in Toronto was like that when I did stand-up being asked back for a rejection. David Letterman’s people did that too. I sort of gave it up after that. I might be able to pull off 45 minutes now. I might be really kidding myself too.

It took a lot out of me to drag myself to Town Hall to say, “I want to build with shipping containers.” , “I need your help building with containers.”

No wonder the practiced with deep pockets and access to all the money on Wall Street are just going to build whatever they want, and fuck you if you want some poor doors. Have some poor door apartments. Go beg for rooms for the poor.

The local county HUD guy says 600 families get voucher assistance. It made my original ideas of building one, or two, and then 6 units seem too small an effort. I put together numbers for 260 units to make for 878 thousand dollars that all sold would realize 1.2 million.

I’ve looked at satellite pictures of the land. There are places to stack them up. The University Town, county, is a city. The poverty rate is 16 percent or higher. Silent Sam is the CSA KKK statue on the campus. The business school teaches that Aerotopolis is the future wherever it is allowed. The local airport manager is paid a third of the going rate. The other employees get 3 dollars less than at the other local airports. Looks like what they teach is how people can be manipulated and enslaved.

Lots of the times things are just what they look like.

You would think that it would be obvious that keeping 16 percent of your population poor is a recipe for a multiplicity of diseases. I read a public health report that added up the numbers of TB and Aids encouraged by the NYC budget cuts in services engineered in the ’70s through on for a couple of few decades.

Working people and the young are driven off the island now.

Lots of the people there pay half what they make to the landlord. The banks are landlords again more than they ever were. The guys from Jackass had the right idea.

Robot is the Chech word for worker.
War is for looting the riches of the enemy.
Corruption and War, keep people war, and in NC and the rest of the CSA states, the CSA is risen again and getting paychecks of 370 thousand or 170 thousand for life to make a wreckage of the workers paradise that Detroit was.

Sometime in the early ’70s I went to Detroit and I and my friend stood in a long line for a long time thinking at first that it had to be a line for the employment office. Turned out to be a methadone clinic. Regular as clockwork every 10 years comes the heroin epidemic. People spend the rest of their whole lives staying off heroin.

“We shared powerful stuff, powerful spiritual stuff in the meeting.” It was powerful.

My pamphlet I read about the drugs in the late ’60s still said relatively benign things about cocaine.
Dick Gregory says that in America the power structure is always looking for more Indians to kill or put on the reservation. No More Lies was that book. Still stands up pretty well today.

You don’t make much money delivering newspapers and grown ups mow lawns now. Whole cadres of Mexicans go through apartment complexes and the rich neighborhoods attending to the poisonous lawns. All the bees are being poisoned by nicotiodides sucked into the roots.

Mr. Musk on Mars in a glass lined cave will be King and King to the place to lead some sort of engineers heaven. Maybe there will be a parliament. What if some unsocialized aficionado of pure individualism and anarchy punches a hole in the wall?

The power of anarchists coming out of the Belle Epoch when 6 heads of state were murdered doesn’t make anarchy look so great with robot killings of WWI. The Great Men make the world someplace worth living with a clean vision of triumph over the environment. The environment includes the mob with pitchforks. Loudest man screaming monster stabs holes in the landed balloon. You need jet escorts for food delivering lumbering good weather blimps. Some witch doctor will tell the ignorant mob it is there to deliver poisoned food.
Some add it up and figure when all the bridges fall down their flying car will be the ticket.

Locally the Duchy is a proper Ayn Rand enclave. There are those who hardly touch the ground. Before airplanes they had train cars to themselves.

There was Paris. After reading The Big Money, all of USA, I drank Courvosia, for a couple of months. I had one of the sweetest girls in the world. My wife now of 14? these years is sweet to me. I owe her my life and try even to just make the world a better safer cleaner smarter place for her.

There really wasn’t anything in it for me to drag myself to Town Hall and say if they put together a factory to build living and working spaces here in the small town they would solve the problem of not enough decent stable housing for the poor, and create some jobs to boot.

600 families living in insecurity means there are children who early never will feel settled or secure and knowing that without money they will be crushed. Some will go off to the army where they will have the opportunity to kill other poor people whose goals will and are to get security for their kind.

It is a per capita madness in my experience. When I was living in the East Village some guy had been feeding his dead girlfriends flesh like bologna sandwiches to the rat invested tent town of bum vets and plain beggars in the park, and in Hillsborugh NC tufts of hair and flesh were found in some guys microwave.

All the drug dealers of the inner cities on down through South America will be wiped out and the banks will make it all legal for the white folks.

When it gets all like Las Vegas everywhere Atlantic City managed for the insider crooks Mr. Musk will have his colonists to follow him to Mars. It is his plan. Electric cars won’t make much difference. All the gas Fracked will have ruined every water table where the sea hasn’t made Miami fall down thirsty.

Well, we a due for a pandemic. I should read The Plague again. Camus couldn’t imagine in that the rampage grabbing up of bloodied ebola sheets of the dead as happened in Liberia. The mobs live waiting for the Dumbass with conviction and a pitchfork.

I worked for a good while to make UNTV something powerful to compete with FOX and Al Jazzera, and the BBC, and all the rest of the captured media spreading lies and spin and sordid tales of sick families. All weekend we can watch the rats inside the prisons driven so mad that out on the streets a bump from a stranger on a crowded street is cause for a knifing.

Haiti is a prison island that makes money for bottled water companies and mobsters with water trucks. American Airlines is setting themselves up for big money whenever the exodus is engineered. Something is going on there.

Far as a military leader Napoleon taught me how to defend an airport. Still it is pretty simple to figure out that you need to surround your enemy. Surround isolate, starve confuse, then kill. Employ overwhelming force for as long as it takes.
Grant did it all.

Mobsters have poisoned Italy. Mobsters are responsible now for Fukushima according to reports on youtube. I don’t know except MacArthur is dead, why Japan is still an independent nation. Those on the scene at the time felt they were over as a nation due to all the stupidity of Fukushima. The hero just died of throat cancer.
Still the whimpering cesium waters flow to the Pacific.
Is there something wrong with Buddhasim.
Is prayer itself a form of hedonism? The mental feel of a prayer as itself devilish more than we want to admit.

The engineers will work it out. The poor pay us to put on communions with the great spirit and share our diseases. That edict to leave a good looking corpse works better for me. Black death and you smell yourself rot. Ebola and blood runs out of all your soft tissues. Tuberculosis and long you are week, spitting blood, but then dying relatively okay to be shoved in the oven and burned.

Like I said, “I’ll think better of the Vatican, when it puts it’s money into Musk Mars.”

Grown ups now all kids dreamy for adventures know now you can’t even hardly fuck right without gravity and outer space is a place for robots shooting off or netting asteroids for iron.

We really need a Planet Defense System of space elevators and space ships going in circles for some drop ins on places in Australia.
The war with the Islamic Crusaders is hard to twist into any success for our purposes really on the plate.
In the past it was just the same. Bloodbaths and just let them stew.
The Petrodollar demands they are encircled and nothing goes in and nothing comes out and they are wiped out.
If I grasp the goals I can’t even see what good the Insurodollar would do.
The lessons they were taught as children weren’t about forgiveness, but beheadings?

In Cambodia they murdered 100s of thousands laying on the backs of their victims stabbing them then in and embrace, stabbing the other people who for one reason or another hadn’t conformed. They lay on the other and stabbed them in the neck so they would drown in their blood.

These ISIS, ISIL beheadings are pathetically ugly tortuous knawings like that.

I don’t want to visit these places as a tourist.

Somehow the Paradise goes wrong. In Fort Lauderdale it felt sometimes like assured that people would make their own bad weather. There was like too much of a good thing to be born up in good spirit.

So for the warrior who fights out of love for his people, preferred ones who get the best weapons and the best food and the most dangerous assignments they carry out with esprit de corp, someone might root for them.
Now our all volunteer army is becoming nearly fully a training school for the private armies of the corporations.
The founders of the nation warned us of too much reliance on mercenaries.
It is amazing really that smugglers haven’t helped oil and kidnapping rich Islamic Crusaders for the Caliphate get one of those atomic bombs the North Koreans have learned how to make.
Stalinist friend of China, a bomb club owner.
Are the Saudis really just accepting the dollar for their oil?

If the Chinese converted to the Insurodollar they would definitely be richer. I think Ms. Clinton might have stopped talking it up out of that fear. Lincoln might have been right to say that a nation ought not need to do any importing from any other nation.

If I live through to the next election cycle, I ought to run for Mayor, or Governor, or just go on as I am for Transcendia. Late at night on the college radio station they would let us play the songs that had the words fuck in them. They called it “safe harbor”.

It is in using language that is true that one can fight off mind control.
I am better than a bug when I know all the truth around me and can then change it.

Civilization is threatened when there are real snuff films to satisfy sick humored spiritually failed sadists.
There actually is too much wrong with us if such a people are not surrounded and killed. They were lost through no fault of their own to a religion that is intolerable.

But we let the Japanese poison all of the Pacific everyday.

We let about 250,000 people and 147 corporations decide who is to live well enough as any man has the right to expect, and who spends time in our company of souls tortured and in desperate want.

It got to the point when I was working to make UN TV a reality when I recognized it as like the High School TV system, or the High School Radio and newspaper. The censors were always in charge.

Al Gore sold Current to Al Jazzera to prove who could be, and should be on Mars now, living in a hole cleaning the floor for Mr. Musk. Ted Turner said UNTV wouldn’t make any money. Clinton’s office wanted nothing to do with it. C-Span came to me via Time Warner to treat me the same as David Andrews, the local Carrboro Town Manager with a new puppy dog near mute with shock at becoming a prison bitch.

If felt sort of personal to get a note from Annette Stone this morning saying I was to be reminded that the Town was not going to help me.

Kimble Wallace is trying to say he has a real job. Since he is only getting paid a third of the going rate for that job, I suggested he parlay it into a position at some other airport.
It was maybe Paul Burke before that said the University wouldn’t allow art to be sold out at their airport, “Because someone would make money.”
If that doesn’t reflect a corruption ethically about who gets to make money, how and where, as the Towns champion Artist Shows to make people want to hang out in town and spend money, I don’t know what more you need to know.

In Pillars of the Earth the raped girl teacher her brother to kill men who don’t pay with a hammer blow to the skull. She eventually got to watch the sheriff hang for his corruptions. I think I’ve got some of it correctly in mind. It has been a long time since I read that masterpiece.

I tried to be a Quaker, who had a Tee Shirt, “In a catastrophe, stay silent.”
It didn’t work for me as more with the firetrucks siren. There is a fire and they race to it with siren going the alarm that there is a fire and we must put it out. Once in my 15 ton too big for the street truck I led with my horn up through the tight lower SoHo to Houston for them. Some people don’t get it.

Could the the current President is more frightening for his lack of any emotional displays. The moral imperative of passionless violence might by now be in there, though the allies don’t seem to care much for civilization in a place where they really don’t fit in with the crowds.

Vice shows it saying while all this is the headliner, Pakistan could most anytime be the bomb store and even wreck land as far as same as the Pacific is being poisoned.

Leaving the Sun out there for the good of it works for me better than the atom bomb to go off.

Really with my work I can’t bother too much with the locals.

Over in Greensboro the Episcopal Senators and business people who knew about Chapel Hill saw the graduate who stayed on to be Mayor as a failure.

A town full of self satisfied academic hypocrites looking down on the help isn’t much of a town to be proud of.

I’ve had the good fortune to have also lived in Rochester New York, another Ivory Tower Power Town now, half the population planned for, with a real big hole dug in the center after they demolished Midtown Plaza and the Mayor overlooked any replacement.
Kodak had to wheedle some commitment from Hollywood to buy film that is becoming no more valuable than goo.

I have to admit a film camera and film are what I need to make a cartoon. They seem to have left single frame out of the movie setting on my camera. Kodak was afraid of competing with itself, and as a metaphor, and the first boom town, it does as good a job nearly as Detroit in inspiring despair.

The CIA owned Page Avjet which is to let you know that all the off book profits the CIA had came from their system of FBOs that disappeared into incorporation in Malaysia, which makes the airplane shooting and disappearance along with the Presidents visit suspicious to me.

But things change.
Page doesn’t exist anymore.
I wonder what American Airlines sees in Haiti. I really do.

Who can vet for the Transcendian and Transcendia Passports?
I loved working line service and can see ramp rats like myself doing the vetting for who gets a Transcendia Passport.
I, at least produced a document.
I at least have given Bureacratica as good start with something to sell of usefulness.

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