Enemy OutPost, Israel

Transcendia and Transcendian Passports

The Insurodollar fixes lots of problems, giving labor leverage with capital.

Einstein says in a linguistics talk that “You cannot go wrong when your goal is correct.”
The goal is peace in the middle East. We are talking about people. We want a system that creates peace for all.
Chomsky and Dershowitz agree that the Geneva Accords, Taba? Are the best option.
Hamas, the Palestinian government, that points to some difficulties with the Parliamentary system I have wondered at, saying nothing works unless you believe in it, and you have to have a respect for Roberts Rules of Order, may be left to devolve to nothing but: Share with all the right goal.

Since Peace is beneficial to the women and children, fighting men might need to get the peace for them, by playing sports. I say that with tongue in cheek only to a point. Peace looks like that to me in Europe and the rest of the world where they play lots of soccer, openly in sports like no other place to they so often say, “He was bought by Mr. Stirling, or Mr. Trump.” They get to the phrase, “Given a contract.” Maybe in baseball I hear that more?

For the Middle East, Syria, Northern Africa, and back up into the Ukraine Peace would look like it looks in Turkey, a NATO country, at least. Some cultural divisions of the religious sects do live in relative peace there where we need a picture to imagine.

Lebanon achieved peace. I blame that on their port and recreational beaches. Palestinian doesn’t get much advantage of the sea, and then they are victims living out a victimhood scenario of self destruction coupled with conflict with an enemy who can defeat them at any turn.

I have been focused on my own national weaknesses, which are pretty profound, since I have not much of anything. Where I live there is relative peace in the midst of the pervasive ubiquitous Drug War. The small county has a population huddled on its border with neighboring powerhouses whose control and invasions on one come from unsocialized gang bangers out of restive ghettos, and on the other from empowered political leadership within and of a competing institution in the same business, or businesses.

Without a CVS and my prescriptions I will become a spastic. Try that feeling out next time you look forward to some mind corrective apocalyptic scenario that represents to you freedom through disaster.

I don’t look forward to snow storms anymore.

Israel is set there a midsts enemies who say over and over they want to kill them. Hamas does say this as their goal, which supposedly would produce for them an envisioned peace. They might think what sort of peace Crazy Horse? and the Souix Nation got. American Indians in general lost as will any nation fighting civilization.

The goal of the leaders must be peace, and a peace that they all know what is fair, and looks the same.

For Transcendia, the nation of really hard to defend outposts made to be safe for business, I said we would just pull out and leave, if the host nation didn’t treat us right. There were real limits to our ability to do war. Therefore if rights of our people and users could not be defended, we would consolidate around our other bases.

What if I had in Transcendia an Israel that was not going to quit? Looks like permanent war if the vision of peace is so dissimilar.

What if we change the money from the whatever they use along with dollars for oil, to the Insurodollar and that means it is a shared currency of the two warring states, and Israels Insurance company has to pay for killings no matter why, to Palestinians, and Palestinians National Insurance has to pay whenever an Israeli is killed?

Once you make real the value of people over oil, or gold, the motive is altered to the good.

at least for people.

Only through the Insurodollar can labor, the common man, get some leverage with capital.

I am for systems, and those that are ubiquitous and are infusible and everyday are more likely to give to the greatest number a more tangible peace. This is what the Insurodollar gives the world, the petrodollar doesn’t.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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