Independent Scholar, Me, as that.

My wife judged me to be a working class aristocrat around the time of our getting married. That is what she told me I was when we lived in the condo. I liked the condo. It was a well designed set of abodes. We had a deck and all the cats once stood and saw us off from the parking lot. I figured looking at 7 cats sitting there together watching us leave was what God must feel like.
If nothing else God is a necessary construct. I’m over it.

Now the key to my polymorpholocal polymorphism, is that I had questions to answer from the time when I lost innocence. They are still connected to that innocence in that I feel capable of answering my questions.

No man who feels incapable of finding the truth will find it. He won’t even know it if he does. We know some of what Jesus was like. I know what Jesus was like from all the stories I heard about what he did and what he said. He was a professional carpenter who was a better advocate than the system wanted to tolerate.
In general he sounds like the best company you were likely to find among your mates.
I was particularly impressed with how he is quoted to have said, “Hate your parents.”
I heard a good sermon about it. Quakerism doesn’t work out for me. It is stressful when I say things. Besides that the spiritual season is a necessity to notice.

My questions were: How can I prevent Nuclear War? Most of that question came from newspaper delivery work when I was the towns biggest, if only paperboy. We in fact as a family might have been a paperboy dynasty If I had been more astute as a Business Leader.

I was not born innate as a manager, or leader. Or if I was, I had to mine the lode of traits to get anywhere near perfect at it.
A trait of the sailor was in there and I never really for a long time was unwilling to let a business go when it stopped being profitable.
However, every business needs an accountant.
It was forever later when my brother confessed to embezzling out of my quarters can. In fact the business was still making money when I let it go.
The NYC business of the grip truck was another story.
Every now and then I did give a speech, or go around and launch rockets with 5 or 6 people at a time.

This was fun with police and children.

Yeah excited peace and fireworks. Yeah Rockets my brothers and sisters. It is time the Vatican put some money in the space program. I’m not joking.

The other question was how can I see outer space people.
I figure there is some TV there. Coherence is my problem partly according to experts and the educated. I have a theoretical answer that works for me to suggest at least the experiment. We are supposed to have coffee with Laura Mersini Houghton sometime. I want to photograph her and Henry Petroski together. They are local heroes to me. John Loftin of the Duke Divinity School too. If Hillary Burnet would talk with me again I could do some with the Divinity. My wife and I were married in a “Special Service” at Saint Matthews in Hillsbourgh. With the Readings I was allowed to throw the I Ching, which came through with “Time of Decrease”.
It worked out that way.
Soon after I fell a story through an open stairwell breaking my hip and when I was recovered I was back at the same position and job, but had gone out of the loop for my film jobs.
Sometime later my guts wrapped up shut and Liz Dreesen had to cut me up. Thank God she kept me from having to have a colostomy bag.
Then I got psoratic arthritis triggered that ate all the cartilage in my hips, my spinal cord was threatened by stenosis, and I started to go blind.
There was a fantastic infection and what they call “hospital psychos”. That was because my kidney about stopped all workings, and I was brain poisoned. As I was losing sanity I told my wife she could hide the pistol.
I was then in the hospital.

Maybe there are holograms on photons the solar panel could send to a decoder? The knowledgeable say not: so far. Coherence smashes the images they say.

The question of if I could write a chapter for the Bible just snuck in there the more I wrote.

If you combine Readings from the Bible Seasons, with Readings from the I Ching you get a good compass setting of the times, more a measure of what time it is than exact, though the exact suggestions are typically puritanical enough for most rigid types I’d say. The two different senses of time represented in the books work well together.

It is not a particularly emotional dancing and singing spiritual practice, maybe appealing to the intellectual sort.

It takes about an hour and a half to do it all seems like.
The internet makes it easier. You can find the Bible Readings quicker than flipping around in the Book of Common Prayer.

I was raised Episcopalian.
Meaning the spiritual seasons are the same as in the Roman Catholic Church.

Holy Trinity in Greensboro was my mothers church.

I can’t any longer say the Nicene Creed.
I spent a little time with Fred Hampton the COINTELPRO program murder victim. It is reputed that J Edgar Hoover ordered his murder.
It is undisputed that Chicago Police murdered Fred Hampton.
The fact is Fred Hampton could well have been Jesus, and I encourage Kanye West to sing about him at least once.
I’d give it a try myself I feel so strongly about it.
Chicago was wrecked by the murder of Fred Hampton because he was a good role model for Black Panthers. Fred was the best of them.
He was as Christlike as you get far as I am concerned.

I took the challenge to invent something better as far as a government and nation and that decision has matured me as a polymath. I had to become a general, in the sense that I had to understand war and how it is conducted.
The rules are: Warriors fight out of love and soldiers out of fear. Everybody of the nation must know how to defend themselves and the nation. I can’t have people in my nation that won’t fight for it. Transcendia as a nation of airports has to use the siege circles of Napoleon. One circle metaphorically will always look in and the other always look out. This strategy is metaphorically correct as much as it is physically meaningful.
So I am in fact demanding love of the nation that will be run off of the INSURODOLLAR as opposed to the Petrodollar, whose time is ending.
In this time of multipolar power balance you had better just face it that the formally undersurface world of espionage and back ally stabbings is above surface all the time. The Drug War made that of our world. At least that is the case for North and South America, and lots of Europe.

For the war I shied away from a war of aggression by which to take over all the cocaine airfields and ports of South America. However it would make a good Virtual Reality War movie. I have 64 pages. They are inspired by my experience of seeing Elvis Presley at the Memphis Tennessee airport when I was 4 or 5.

How about that.

Founder Stories

King Founder of Transendia around coming to be able to walk again.


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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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